Ideas for Long Wavy Hairstyles 2016

Ideas for long wavy hairstyles 2016 is for you if your want to get waves on your hair, so you can get a stunning and elegant look. Carrying waves on long hair makes women more stylish and comfortable. Below are few ideas for those who have long hair and want to look more stylish by adopting more style without losing the length of their hair.


1. Chirpy Volume

The chirpy volume has sizeable curls which gives soft and persuasivelook. Some color can be added to dark hair, which will make the waves blatant.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1. Begin with applying a mousse product on wet hair

2. Divide hair into section and up lift the hair above the ear and secure with pins

3. Use a curling iron on the lower section.

4. Remove the pins and create curls on top section too

5. Run a flat iron on the front section or bangs to make it look smoother.

6. Use your fingers to adjust the curls and apply a holding spray.


Additional information:
The hairstyle has bangs and side part, which suits on oval and heart face structure. To adopt the style you need medium to thick hair.


2. Cascading Curls

The cascading curls have middle parted hair with curls that keep the hair away from face and helps in face framing. Make cascading curls hairs 2016backcombing at the crown section to more volume and style.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

1. Start with divide the hair in centre part and applying a styling cream.

2. Create curls on the lower section while securing the top section with bobby pins.

3. Take a larger sized barrel curling iron and begin to curl the pieces of the dropped down section.

4. Drop down the top section and curls it all. Make sure while creating curls the edges is not rolled on the curling iron. The loose ends will make the look more stylish and unique.

5. Use your fingers and keep the hair away from face.

6. Apply a holding


Additional information:
The hairstyle rocks on round and heart face shape due to its centre part. Medium to thick hair is required for the hairstyle


3. Summer Locks

Summer is always full of color and adding color is hair is trending nowadays. In this hairstyle the hair is divided from the centre into two parts.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

1.    Apply a styling cream and divide the hair into a centre part.

2.    Divide the hair above the neck and secure with hairpins.

3.    Curl the lower section first by curling iron.

4.    Now remove the hair pins from top section and curls it.

5.    Create curls on the hair from the level of cheekbones that will keep the top section smooth while beautiful soft curls at bottom section.

6.    Use your fingertips or large toothbrush for the final look.

7.    Apply a holding spray at the end.


Additional information:
The hairstyle rock son heart and round face structure due to centre part. People with square face structure can also adopt this hairstyle.

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