Hot Side-Ponytail Hairstyles 2016

Hot side ponytail 2016 are going to be seen everywhere this year. This may include big top shows, runways, fashion industry, wedding of high celebrities and even in the most common places that you may have been let alone not to forget that we will also be watching these kinds of side ponytails being worn by international star and celebrities. The uniqueness and elegance of this side ponytail is enough for anyone to admire how beautiful they look for any kind of occasion. They feel the perfect hairstyle for you to have from having it to wear in your professional time as well as for any formal event there is to be held.


Below we are going to be telling you what these hairstyle are and how easily can they be made which has specially be in taken care of for your style and comfort. These side ponytail are not only sexy to look at  but also they do help you attain that sexiness that may help you socialize more.


Formal side ponytail:


The first and foremost hottest side ponytail that is going to be trending in 2016 is a very delicate and beautiful formal side ponytail. This ponytail can go easily on any one of age. Not only It is super sexy but also very elegant perfect for you to formal side ponytail hot side ponytail hairstyles 2016carry this beautiful hairstyle anywhere everywhere.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    The first step to achieve this hairstyle is by having nice clean hair (dried out). It is optional and up to you whether or not you want to have some base product in your hair or not that ranges from a thickening spray that helps with the texture and styling lotion to help you style your hair more easily than ever.

•    Curling iron or a pair of hot rollers the choice is yours. These both will help you create the maximum volume in your hair at the top with beautiful waves caressing down in the form of a ponytail.

•    Partition your hair from the front section as well as from the top. Back of the hair must also be sectioned in this very step.

•    Tease your hair with the help of holding hairspray you may now smooth your hair from the top of your hair as well from the sides. Once teased and settled you should gently pull and father your hair gently from the back and down to the side in form a pony.

•    If you aren’t a fan of showing off your elastic band then take a strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around to create a beautiful illusion. Do not forget to secure your hair with the help of a bobby pin.


Additional information:
If you are ever to use base products for this hairstyle always remember to start by blow drying your hair. This will help your hair to prepare itself to be style in accordance with and as how you want crating more lift and volume to your hair which is necessary for this hot side ponytail. Remember at the end of the completion of your ponytail spray lots and lots of hairspray so that it may stay at once place all day and night long.


Curly wispy side ponytail:


This next side ponytail hairstyle may be recommended for those who still love to style their hair as a princess. It is dramatically beautiful and yet it shows power and strength. The versatility and intricate detail that has been put into this curly wispy side ponytaill hot side ponytail hairstyles 2016side ponytail is not only daring yet it is exciting to know people still can look this much incredible in a side ponytail.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    The first step for this hairstyle is to know your hair type. If you are one amongst those who naturally are born with curly hair (and still have them till now) then on damp hair you must apply some extra curling cream well over your hair. You can at this point diffuse your hair which will give extra boost to your hair or you may as well just leave them to air dry on its own. But if you do not have curly hair and own straight hair then you must use a curling wand and curl your hair (whole head) and after once they have been curled do not at all by any means brush your hair out. We want them as just the way the firm curl is.

•    To add shine in your hair you can spray gloss and shine hairspray on your hair and holding spray for your curls to be intact. Before attempting this hairstyle do know which side you would like to have your ponytail on. As after switching your curls from one another shoulder shall only disturb your hairstyle

•    With the help of bobby pins twist your hair into a side ponytail and secure with bobby pins in the form of an x. finish with the help of hairspray.

Additional information:
This hairstyle is much more suitable on those who own curly hair as it is easier with curly hair than to make your hair especially curly for this hairstyle. To make it more for a formal event diffuse your hair to give it more soul in your hair. You are allowed to play with your curls a bit to style it even more.

Mermaid splash side ponytail:


This next hairstyle is not only super sexy but also very attractive making it hot and stylish with will help you not only frame mermaid-splash side ponytaill hot side ponytail hairstyles 2016your face but also it will help you frame for fame and attention.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    Apply any kind of good hair product that will assure you that you will have enough boost for this hairstyle.

•    It is important for this hairstyle that you curl your hair with a half inch ironing rod. And do not forget to spray your hair with a good hairspray to hold your curls and hair in place.

•    After hairspray has been sprayed it is time to take all your hair and pull them straight back. Once done that you may tie your pony right where you ear is. Now this might be a bight higher than the rest of our ponies but rest assured that you will definitely love the end result.


Additional information:
This hairstyle is totally acceptable with fine hair as it might look better with it.

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