Gorgeous Inverted Bob Hairstyles 2016

Gorgeous inverted bob hairstyles 2016 take inspiration from age-old haircuts. Remember, the bob hairstyle is one of the hairstyles that has sustained and survived through eras of varying styles. With the passing of years, new twist been added to bob hairstyle, and in 2016 also new innovations have been introduced to the hairstyle, so they can keep your look fresh and exciting. In gorgeous inverted bob hairstyles 2016, there are so many exciting new unique bob twists andideas for you.


There are various types of gorgeous bob hairstyles that will suit any hair length and type, be it long, short or medium length hair. They can also appear graceful also on different types of hair like curly, straight or wavy etc.


1. The long bob haircut


In this hairstyle, the bob looks stunning and gorgeous. To appear at your best, bobs don’t have to be short because short bobs don’t look cute. This hairstyle is suitable for long hair and if you have long hair then try this style in the coming year.


2. Casual waves bob


Women always love to have good looks and this good look depends on their hairstyles. To have even more elegant casual waves boband chic appearance, just add some waves to your hair. You will still have that angle but the waves on your hair will add a softer look to you.


3. Classic inverted Bob


The classic inverted bob looks sweeter and softer on your hair. This hairstyle suits on short length hair and can make you appear gorgeous.


4. Stack bob hairstyles


The stack bob is the best bob hairstyle that’s perfect for adding energy to fine hair. In this hairstyle, the lovely stacked bob are angled down to longer lengths below your chin and topped off with a gorgeous look.


5. Straight bob with blunt cut fringe


This is all the time favorite hairstyle of women.  The hairstyle is symmetrical choppy layered bob cut to just above the jaw line and topped off with a straight across fringe that really brings out the color of the eyes. The fringe cut will show off a nicely shaped eyebrow and gorgeous face framing textures.


6. Wavy bob with Ombre


For a long bob that will also be one of the best gorgeous inverted bob hairstyles for 2016, you can try a casual face contouring bob. In this hairstyle, the layers in the slightly waved sides and back are beautiful.


7. Trendy Neck Length Bob Hairstyle


The neck length toned hairstyle looks simply brilliant and charming. If you have smooth hair lays, then go neatly Trendy neck length bob hairstyle 2016along the sides of your face and in the outlying area. In this hairstyle, the two sides are textured along the bottom edge to make the rounded hairline softer and defining the hairstyle with beautiful shape. The bangs are cut horizontally in this style to make your style look gorgeous.

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