French Braid Hairstyles 2016 for Long Hair

French braid hairstyles 2016 for long hair is known for its unique styles of twisting and braiding hair that puts efficiency and uniqueness into the hair. Not only this hairstyle is known to secure hair but also it has added so much style and fashion over the time that not only people wear this hairstyle trend for formal events but now people are known to wear this amazing hairstyle even on casual and simple day routines. We are going to present you the following French braid hairstyles that are going to be common in 2016 for  long hair.


Glam braided bun:

This hairstyle is amazing since you can not only wear a bun and secure your hair lifting them from the nape but also you can braid them which makes them two in one. We hope you will like this technique of style that we present to you as this is going to be topping in 2016 and those who love buns will surely love this braided bun that not only adds glam but also add style and class. You will also see some sophistication in this hairstyle that you will simply fall in love with.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

French braid hairstyles 2016 for long hair Glam braided bun•    This first hairstyle that we are going to do is to tame and ease out all the frizz that might be in your hair. This shall only be possible if you take a dime size amount of smoothing cream and help tame your hair. Rub in your hair gently so that you may not cause any friction that may be unwanted by the end.

•    The second step to this hairstyle is braid a 2 inch section of your hair. This shall be done from one ear (choosing upon your own wish) and taking it braid it well and set it aside. What you shall do next is wrap the first braid around you head and pin it to the bun that was braided earlier and wrapped as in a bun shape.

•    Make sure that if you want to add extra shine and gloss on to your hair which is now smoothly shaped into a bun you can always use a dap of pomade on your hands and pat it all over by the rest over your braid this will help you get the ultimate package of getting the ideal choice of a braided glam bun that everyone shall be trying in 2016.


Classic French Braid:

This hairstyle has been going on far too long over the past few years. The specialty of this hairstyle is always attracting people to have more of it. We are here with the new and better version of the classic French braid that will help you put on smiles forever. Let’s not forget that this braid has been tried and tested on many Classic French Braidcelebrities so why not you giving the better version a try so that you may know for yourself as to how this hairstyle has a huge impact on you as well as on the others.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    This first step to have this hairstyle is by brushing out your hair. This can easily be done with the help of a paddle brush. Paddle brushes are known to smooth and tame out any knots that lies in hair and the knots are far too easier to remove than using a comb. Using your fingers you are able to separate you two inch section of hair that will break from your hairline to the back of your crown which will give extra detail once you begin styling the newer and improved version of hairstyle.

•    The next step requires you to have use your fingers. With the help of your fingers you must now use them to section your hair into three and equal section and portions. Begin braiding as one does with simple and easy steps. The strand in your right hand over the strand in the middle. The right strand should now be the middle strand. Then, cross the left strand over the middle strand. The middle strand should now be the left strand.

•    The next step is to keep your hair tight and secure which can only be done by pulling the section of your hair away and separate from each other so that you may be able to hold your hair that you have already begin braiding in your left hand. your right index finger to part your hair horizontally, just above your right ear, from your hairline back to the center of your head to form a new right strand.

•    Incorporate this section into the original right section and cross the entire right section over the middle section. While holding the hair that you've just braided in your right hand, use your left index finger to horizontally separate the same section of hair as step 3 on your left side. Hold it tightly and incorporate it into the original left section. Cross the left section over the middle section.

•    Now you must go back and repeat the above steps from the section of hair that you are planning to do below your ear. This will only help you gain more access.

•    Secure your hair when done.


French Braid Pigtails:

This hairstyle is not only super fun but also very quirky. t may be the perfect hairstyle for little teenage girls or even those who are supporting a crazy doll look for Halloween. What doesn’t look better when having pigtails that too with French braid around them? We are going to be telling you as to how you may style them and look super cute and adorable.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    The first step is to begin with wet hair and use anti frizz serum for your hair and work that serum well from your roots and incorporate it with your tips.

•     Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle, then partially dry your hair. You can air-dry or use a blow-dryer, but just make sure your hair isn't completely dry — it will be easier to braid if still damp, especially fine hair.

•    After done you may now use the comb to partition your hair from the top this will go from the top of your forehead and work all the way to your nape of the neck

•    You may now secure your hair with the help of an elastic

•     On the other side, follow the and secure with an elastic.

•    Then you may remove the elastic that is attached on the other side and may repeat

•    Pat down any cowlicks and fly away if you see any and spray some hair spray.

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