Different Shades of Copper Color in Hair 2016

Different shades of copper color in hair 2016 will tell you the importance of copper color and the feasibility of using this color with so many hues and contrast that ever tone of copper is worth enjoying. As we aren’t really aware when we use the word copper there are many tones and distinctions that can help you choose for which color of copper you are really interested to have.


There are many tons of copper that is from fiery to deep ginger, strawberry color to copper penny and etc. So you really have to choose from the copper color as to what kind of color you are interested in choosing from. We have compiled 2016 most wanted copper color for hair that will help you teach when you use them to turn everyone heads for you.


Copper golden:

The first kind of copper color that we have chosen for you is deep rich copper. This copper color shall be accompanied by soft lights (highlights) which will help create beautiful scenery of sunset on your hair. This hair color is bound to make sure that a sun never sets on your hair even after nights overshadows around you. This hair color is definitely going to look copper golden hair color 2016good with those people who own light skin tone complexion. Try to wear coral color outfits which will heavily compliment this hair color. To hold this hair colors we advise try to keep your hair wavy or curly so that the color elevates and frames your face well. An additional tip for you to have with you when you choose this hair color is that when you are going to opt for highlights to create a sunset view make sure you do not choose platinum blonde or white as this will definitely not suit you. You want a soft and mild transition rather than a harsh contrast.

Soft ombre of copper hue:

This next hair color is a win-win for those who are own medium skin tones but are afraid not to proceed with such a color. This is no doubt going to be one of the hottest hair color trend in 2016 as it includes ombre style theme in your hair. Ombre trend has never look ever so better if you pair it up with a darker and richer deeper shade of copper red color. Try to infuse a lighter copper gold. Make sure that you get hold of a stylist who knows to apply ombre technique hair color in your hair. You want a flawless ombre hair color theme in your hair so that it matches your copper red hue hair color.

Copper penny:

This next hair color is going to be an important hair color for you to know as it consists of copper penny hair color which is infused in your hair that must be styled into soft wavy curls. If you want to add in a bit of funk in your hair color you can go with gold flecks in your hair adjusting and toning down the whole copper penny look.

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