Choppy Hairstyles 2016

Choppy hairstyles 2016 bring you some of the hottest and versatile hairstyles for the New Year. If you have love for choppy hairstyles, these new trends bring good news for you. These hairstyles are easy to achieve and effortless to maintain. You can wear most of these hairstyles on any occasion and during any season.


1. Short and Sassy

The hairstyle works if you have short hair. It will give you a stylish and more attractive look. You can easily achieve this hairstyle with little effort.



Steps to achieve this hairstyle

1.    Begin with applying styling gel to damp hair

2.    Start blow drying with hair brush

3.    Brush the hair in that direction you want to style

4.    Lift up the top section while brushing the sides sections toward the face and fringe down

5.    Then apply a wax with the help of your finger tips

6.    Comb the hair that are left the crown section in upward direction and arrange the sides to create a fringe

7.    To hold the styles apply hair spray


Additional information
If you have a heart shaped facial structure, this hairstyle is for you. Hair that are medium in length and thick in nature are perfect for the style.


2. Sophisticated Texture


The sophisticated texture is full of fun and versatility. It has medium length and shining hair, which gives more good and sophisticated look. This hairstyle is for women who have sophisticated nature and want to display their Sophisticated choppy hairstyle with textured bouncenature to the world through their hairstyle.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle

1.    Apply a styling product to the wet hair

2.    Dry out your hair with the help of a hairbrush

3.    Part your hair into three sections and use pins to secure the back and sides

4.    Now start dropping sections of hair and creating slightly rolls on that section

5.    When with drying apply a wax or gel to make the hair look choppy

Additional information
Women with heart, oval and diamond face shape with medium in texture can look amazing in this hairstyle.


3. Sassy Chic

The sassy chic make you more attractive with its sassy and stylish look. One can adapt this hairstyle for either day

and night events or functions.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle

1.    Apply a mousse gel or styling product to damp hair

2.    Use a round hair brush while blow dry in the crown are while a flat hair brush to the fringe

3.    Lift up the hair in the crown are when dry

4.    To get the style more choppy, use a wax or gel but not necessary

5.    Hairspray will also work to hold the style.


Additional information
The style requires medium to thick straight hair. Diamond and heart shaped facial structures can appear perfect in this hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle to any event or function with confidence.

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