Chic Short and Messy Hairstyles 2016

Chic short and messy hairstyles 2016 may be known for their incredibly easy hairstyles that not only are messy but also stylish and give a vibe of satisfaction when seen upon. When a new year arrives we all know how important it is that we move on with the latest fashion and trends that have been bestowed upon us. We are hence forth going to stop trying out those boring repetitive hairstyles that are were a big part of last year and bring you ladies some amazing short hairstyles that are not only chic but also messy and seductive giving you easy access to being you and completely being satisfied with how you look.

Beneath are chic short hairstyles that are not only messy but extremely easy to wear with will help you achieve that stylish and amazing hairdo that will look complex but are going to be simple to wear?


Chic volume:

There are plenty of women that we know who absolutely love and are a hard fan of having a whole volume look. This means not only rich texture hair but also we shall be seeing a voluminous looking hairstyle. We absolutely Chic volume short and messy hairstyles 2016raise our flags in support for trying out this hairstyle as this hairstyle is the perfect one to try for those short hairs who especially own thin and fine hair and want some soul to be blown in their hair. Follow the steps and enjoy this messy volume look that speaks chic and trend and nothing else.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

•    To begin with this hairstyle you must start off with damp hair (make sure you have properly washed your hair).

•    A texturizing mousse or a volume lotion in your hair that too from the roots that shall pass on to the tips will help your hair to rise tremendously in this hairstyle.

•    Nothing is better than spraying some roots booster enhancer directly into your roots.

•    With the help of using a small flat round brush (that is quite feasible for your short hair) blow dry your hair.

•    When blow dried your hair now you may use any styling crème. Remember to apply just  a pea size amount and no more.

•    To add more volume into this hairstyle you may certainly create a side part and flip your hair to one side.

•    By having bangs in your short hair adjust them with blow drying your hair.

•    In the end you are allowed to use any kind of medium holding spray. This will hold the volume adding more build in your hairstyle.



Additional information:
You can use any good hair product for this hairstyle to add more definition to your chic volume hairstyle and that also ensures good shine. The kind of faces that will definitely help your face to look better in this hairstyle shall be oval, triangle as well as heart face shapes. And the last important tip that we think is extremely necessary for you to know.


Messy faux hawk for short hair:


There is no chic and messier look than this chosen hairstyle. There are some ladies out there who have always wanted a faux hawk but haven’t dared to try it on since they had short hair. But what we are about to tell you and messy faux hawk for short hair 2016inform you on in is simply catchy for the eyes and something you might probably might want o let go. So it’s about time you take your short hair and transform them into a faux hawk. This will only release the dark hidden tough girl out of you and you shall look extremely beautiful.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


•    To achieve this hairstyle you should have completely dry hair. If you think your hair is getting oily and wants to save time you can always use a dry shampoo for your hair that will help soak all the hair oil and leave your hair as fresh as new.

•    After satisfied with having dry hair you must section off from the top.

•    With the help of a nice boar bristle brush you can smoothen out the sides and back and then if you place anything out of order you can use bobby pins to secure your hair.

•    Release the top section that was sectioned off in the section step.

•    Use a flat iron to smooth and flat out your hair. And then bend the ends away from your face.

•    It is up to you as to how you want to style that shall be upon your desire.

•    You can use a hairspray if you want to hold your hair.

Additional information:
This adorable hairstyle can work out with any kind of face shape. Texturizing spray can be used to refresh your hair which means automatically it will help put a lot of volume and depth into your hair.


Messy short hair with a modern twist:


This hairstyle that we are just about to tell you is not only polished but extremely neat and clean. This means you can easily make your hair throughout the day with no strings attached. Making this hairstyle the most ultimate messy short hair 2016 with a modern twistchoice for you to know to wear from an  office look to a nice evening event.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


•    Starting with damp hair, apply a small amount of Argan oil.

•    Blow dry hair with the help of using fingers.

•    Apply a generous amount of styling wax, this will surely help your hair to be styled in accordance with your desire of choice.

•    Style sides away from face.

•    Spike and twist top as desired, it is best that you call someone for your help.

•    Finish style with a light mist of shine-enhancing hairspray, the choice is up to you as this hairspray is definitely loved to be touched off in the range of celebrities

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