Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2016

Bridesmaid hairstyles 2016 will help all those struggling bridesmaid to look absolutely divine when they stand beside their best friend/cousin/sister wedding. Everyone is interested to look upon the bridesmaid when they have seen a handful of the bride herself. So why not look yourself the best because it is definitely your day to look amazing as well. We have brought amazing hairstyles for you to figure out upon as to when you attend a wedding in 2016 as a bridesmaid. The first hairstyle that will look mesmerizing on  a wedding day as a bridesmaid is a sweet and subtle milkmaid updo. This hairstyle definitely requires less teasing apart from the other hairstyles along with a few bobby pins that will help fixate the following two milkmaid braids into an updo.


These are only the things and accessory that is required for you to have when you apply this hairstyle on yourself. If you are looking for some softness within your hairstyle well you can always leave out some loose tendrils that can surround your beautiful face as frame and even add a matching theme flower of the wedding behind your ear not only this look will help you achieve the softness of you as a bridesmaid but also you shall be highlighting an important theme and occasion through your hairstyle.


Another hairstyle that is going to be trending in 2016 is a beautiful made bun with delicate intricate details that will definitely surprise everyone around you. For this hairstyle we definitely are asking you of to add in and throw some texture if you are the to be bridesmaid. By adding texture we actually mean that whether you want to naturally leave your hair shine through as it is or perhaps if not satisfied then you can always add in a curling process in your hair by using a 1 ½ inch curling wand (which is no doubt ideal for bridesmaid curls). When you are through with making a fishtail braid (which is mostly common from the 2015) you can pin it up easily into a bun. The best part about this hairstyle is that you can easily let down your bun falling into a fishtail braid and enjoy the rest of the occasion once the vows have been exchanged and you are asked to dance with the bride later on. So having fun while looking sophisticated well that’s all hairstyles of bridesmaid are about in 2016.


Well we have talked about updo even a bun but we still have not reached the hairstyle where we can talk about ponytails being a part of a bridesmaid hairstyle. This next hairstyle that we are going to discuss is about starting with a low pony tail, once achieved (which is incredibly easy) you stuff the tail of your pony into the hair closet to your head when you do that quickly pin it away and tuck in while spraying to hold that hairstyle. It is definitely easier than words and by looks.

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