Awesome Wavy Bob Hairstyles 2016

Awesome wavy bob hairstyles 2016 consists of hairstyle ideas for women who want to give themselves a fashion overhaul in the New Year. Women usuallycarry the simple bob but now the trend has changed. Carrying waves, colors and other accessories is making bob hairstyles more beautiful and attractive.


1. Lovely Lob

The lovely lob has long bob with a wavy texture that do not need too much care and effort to carry.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1.    Apply a styling product on wet hair.
2.     Brush the hair and create a side part and heat up the curling iron.
3.    Dry out the hair using fingers tips for adjusting the hair.
4.    Take a piece of hair and roll it around the curling iron. Create curls on entire hair start from one side to other.
5.    Use of a holding product will keep the style for long period.


Additional information:
The hairstyle works on medium length bob cut and all face structure rocks on it.


2. Twisted Tendrils

twisted tendrils hair styles 2016Twisted tendrils hairstyle is bold and beautiful hairstyle with soft curls. The hairstyle works well during night events.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1.    Apply a styling product to wet hair on your fingertips.
2.    Part the hair in any desired side and start heating a curling iron.
3.    Dry out the hair.
4.    Take a portion of hair and start creating waves at the lower section.
5.    Repeat this step until whole hair is curled.
6.    Use of holding spray will help in holding the curl in more beautiful way. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray.


Additional information:
Women with oval, square and heart face structure rocks the hairstyle while need short to medium hair.


3. Half and Half

The half and half is mixture of two hairstyle which contain smooth hair in the crown section while curls on the edges.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1.    Start with applying a styling cream on entire hair.
2.    Divide the hair into two parts from the middle.
3.    Dry out using a hairbrush.
4.    Run a curling iron on the edges of the hair.
5.    Apply a holding spray on hair.


Additional information:
The hairstyle works on oval face structure. All type of hair works on the style.


4. Barely there waves

The hairstyle has chin length bob and adding curls gives the hairstyle a chic and texture.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1.    Apply a mousse cream on wet hair.
2.    Dry out using fingers and hairbrush.
3.    A round brush can be used at the fringe to make them smooth.
4.    Create curls on hair section visa. Use a paddle brush on the bangs
5.    Apply a holding spray.


Additional information:
Oval, pear, long faces structure get the style in more beautiful way. All type of hair is used to adapt this hairstyle.

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