2016 Cool Hairstyles for School

In 2016 cool hairstyles for school, there are numerous hairstyles for school going youngsters. These hairstyles look astonishing and need no additional endeavors.


2016 cool hairstyles for school bring amazing hairstyles for you. These hairstyles are tremendouslynifty and in school, they don’t generate any issues with the control. Wearing a hair band for school is absolutely ok.


Easy Breezy hairstyle

This hairstyle is comfortable and lay low with unplanned side updo. The steps to style the hairstyle are:

easy breezy hairstyle 20161.    First dry your hair by drenching out the moisture from your hair.

2.    Spray styling product through your hair

3.    Employ hot rolling iron to make your hair set

4.    Let the roller become cool and then leave your hair

5.    Smoothlyundo your hair from the roller

6.    Now bring your hair to the middle with the help of your fingers

7.    Give your hairstyle a finishing touch with spray and give it a hold with bobby pins


Fishtail Fun hairstyle

The fishtail fun hairstyle in2016cool hairstyles for school is best for long hair. The hairstyle looks amazing fishtail braided to the side with some pieces are left portable in the front, which will border your face. Here’s how you can get this hairstyle:

1.    Let your hair get some hold by using a hairspray

2.    Now lift the hair at the top rear of your head

3.    Use some hair pieces in the surrounding of your hairline to come up with a fishtail braid

4.    Create a fishtail braid on one side and make sure it is in the rear of your ear

5.    Divide your hair into equal parts and use one of your hands to move the hair from the left to right.

6.    Now repeat the same procedure to achieve fishtail braid

7.    Give your hair some hold with an elastic

Contrasting Texture hairstyle

contrasting texture hairstyle 2016In 2016 try a new hairstyle by taking sporadiceven and traditional strands with coiled curls. Get this hairstyle with these steps:

1.    Make your hair dry and move it to one side

2.    Use heat protection spray to dry out your hair

3.    Use curling iron to make your hair smooth section by section

4.    Repeat this procedure until all you hair is smoothened

5.    Give your hairstyle a finishing touch and hold by applying hairspray to your hair


Texture hairstyle

It’s time for you to give a shot to a new take on touch that will look simply good on school going youngsters. You’d look amazing in this hairstyle. The following steps are to follow and achieve the hairstyle:

1.    Wash your hair and leave it to dry out

2.    Now use your hands to twist your on a curling iron and make your hair smooth

3.    Do the same procedure until all of your hair is smoothened and you get the style

4.    Use a hairspray to make your hair shiny and give it some strength

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