How to properly apply hair products

How to properly apply hair products is a genuine article based on the fact that you have been applying hair products all your life the wrong way. We are certainly are the wakeup call for you to make sure that you stop using whatever way you have been assigned to apply your hair products and give us time to describe how you should be applying them instead. The very first tip that we are going to share with you on how to properly apply hair products is that you must never ever apply any kind of hair product to wet hair. This will damage your hair in numerous ways. It is ideal that you towel dry your hair before


thinking of applying any kind of hair product that you most often do to your hair. If you do not own wavy or straight hair and you have curly hair then it is highly suggested that in order to avoid any kind of frizz to your hair you towel dry your hair by gently dabbing your ringlets into the towel so that they gather the moisture of water as much as possible.  The next tip for you to know is that when ever your use a product that is infused into a spray bottle you must saturate your hair first before apply the spray. Once saturated you may carry on and spray the product and then comb your hair so that the product evenly distributes into your hair. What this combing will do is it will help the product reach to all your hair instead of staying there where it has been sprayed. If you do not like the idea of combing the product into your hair and are dubious then have no regrets and get your finger tips ready.


It is been known that some stylists like to get their hands into the hair of celebrities are really work the product into their hair by massaging it. This will ensure that any kind of spray product, gel or any foam for hair will stay into the hair. Not only your hair will be coated real well but it will also have a nice texture. One common mistake is to spray or apply product on top of the hair strands. This will end up weighing hair down. Instead, spray or apply product to the crown and roots. Lift up hair or turn sideways to really get in there. It is absolutely wrong and you should at once stop by applying the product first at the top of your head and then working it down.


This method has been known to be used by most of the people that apply their daily to daily products. We strongly advise that you shouldn’t apply to this method as you will only make your hair result into an oil factory as the entire product never goes down and it stays at top. The best and appropriate method is that you warm the product into your hands and work that product where you find your hair is to be at the thickest point. In this way you will be applying the product evenly and lift the hair if you have to and are using any spray product.


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