Cool Hairstyles 2015 for Boys

Cool hairstyles 2015 for boys are going to be based upon the latest street styles that are incorporate and suggested by the most fashionable cities around the world. We will be giving you a guide on how to carry 2014’s hairstyle in a trendier and versatile way.


Side Part:
We know about side part that it is going to dominate 2015 cool hairstyle among boys that will make them more charming and classier. By adding a side part is to accentuate that effect of having an undercut and minimize the shaving part. Whatever you like to name this hairstyle as it can be called as vintage, hipster hairstyle that can be styled as you like by either having it messy, up high or shiny, no matter how you like to style it you will certainly get results. You must train your hair to be flexible in all times and you must part your hair on either side even if you have a good side to it since you should experiment you hair and add a mousse to it that won’t look greasy.

Angular Fringe:
With this new hairstyle being introduced in 2015, this hair trend is going to restore faith in guys that they too can get that modish hairstyle that they keep seeing on runway models. By featuring a taper on either side till the back of the hair that is what almost is equal to an undercut it gives off an angle to your face. This hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes and isn’t stopping anyone to adopt it.

The Mop:
Hairstyles are of reintroducing and creating that has stepped before in this world. From referring to the opposite of slick look is loose fringy hair. To adopt this look you will not be certainly be adopting a teenager look but it is up to you that you recreate and style it up that gives the vibes off a vintage style that is rocking cool. It is advisable that you must have curly/wavy hair. If you have sleek straight hair and you want to adopt this look you must spray salt spray so that it can give that right texture for you. You can bring those front layers to a side bang to look more masculine. And at days wear that hair down to either side to give it a whole new definition. This hairstyle brings out more texture to your hair than the other hairstyles and it is manageable on lengths.

Boys shouldn’t be in the fantasy that hairstyles are all about a girl thing. Its 2015 and now a days boys are equally responsible for their look as girls are. Their hairdo tells a lot about their personality. So you should stop judging and start creating these looks for 2015.

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