Choppy Haircuts 2015

Choppy haircuts 2015 are for all those women who are deeming to wear a modern short hair-do in the New Year. With choppy haircuts, you get to wear enough layers besides some very stimulating lines. These haircuts can perfectly fit any facial structure and has the potential to form a pleasing style.


Choppy haircuts 2015 will add enough volume and texture to your hair. They will also assist in cutting the bulky edges of thick hair and comes loaded with elements that make these haircuts effortless to achieve. We’ve picked up the most trending choppy haircuts for the New Year.

1. Feathered Pixie Hairstyle: This hairstyle hit the spotlight after celebrities like Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence were seen wearing it. Today, it is being counted among the hottest choppy haircuts. It comes with the features of casual cuts, and low up keeping. It is fitting for oval and round facial structures.


2. Laid Back Layered Hairstyle: This carefree choppy hairstyle will make you appear at your best. It is specifically for you if you have desired to wear a short hairstyle that isn’t too radical. With laid-back layered hairstyle, you can form waves and shape it straight or keep it untouched to look all-round.


3. Short Waves:If you have got curly hair, creating shot wavy and choppy haircuts with layers and bangs will bring outline and volume to your hair. Moreover, it will not overwhelm your facial outlook. To achieve this hairstyle, use a cream and blow-dry your hair to add demarcation.


4. Graduated Hairstyle:This haircut is climbing up the list of choppy haircuts 2015. It is a more radical edition of a graduated bob hairstyle. It comes with closely trimmed hair at the rear that would keep the focus on the long haircut at the fore where chopped and featured layers make them appear softer.


5. Undone Bob Hairstyle:This hairstyle is finely choppy and resembles the pixie haircut. Undone bob hairstyle comes with smooth ends and a well-flawed feel. If you have natural straight hair and often prefer wash and go, this hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle comes straight from the runway and is going up the trend list for the New Year.


6. Blunt With Choppy Layers: This choppy hairstyle is for you if you desire to make an impression with your hairstyle. The sharp edges of you hair are mixed with enough choppy layers across your head to make an outline that would be interesting. It can be amazing when mixed with bangs.


7. Fine and Feathery Pixie:This trendy hairstyle, which is climbing to the top of choppy haircuts 2015, is for those women who have fine hair and intend to go for a pixie hairstyle. It comes with the combined elements of pixie, bangs and layers to keep your hair at a place. Moreover, the various lengths of your hair assist in smoothening the appearance to make this hairstyle a perfect fit for a variety of facial structure.


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