Bride Hairstyles 2015

Bride hairstyles 2015 are for all the potential brides set to witness their bid days in the New Year. This time around, you should pay greater attention to the accessories that accompany your hairstyle in addition to your hairstyle itself. You have the option to put to use accessories, such as hat, pin, hairband and a number of brooches. These accessories would garnish your appearance and add luxury and style to your hair-do.


Bride hairstyles 2015 are on the runway and all set to take off for the New Year. The contemporary hairstyles necessitate the use of delicacy and charm adding decorations to your hairdo, including feather, veil and flowers besides the rest mentioned above. This does not mean that the simplicity-laden hairstyles from previous years have lost charm this time; rather they are also in with new features and innovations.

If you have short hair and your wedding day is just around the corner, stylists would recommend you to garnish your hair with excessive use of pins and hairbands besides the suggestion to use veils so that you appear delicate, neat and light on your special day in the New Year. The list of bride hairstyles 2015 is long, but we have herein put together the most trending ones.


1. High Class Chignon: If you are set to wed in the New Year and are looking for a hairstyle that should make you appear elegant, go for high class chignon. This hairstyle would make you look gorgeous and flatter you face. It is being tagged as beauty with delicacy.


2. Wavy Half Up: If you are longing for something that should make you comfortable on your big day, wavy half up is your ting. It would go perfectly with subtle neckline and strapless volume on your wedding dress.


3. Textured Beehive: This glamorous hairstyle is perfect in structure and would make your face sweet-talk with lots of compliments. Best to go with your wedding gown.


4. Tiara-topped braided chignon: This sleek hairstyle involves shining elegance. It is ultra modern and necessitates the use of tiara at its best. When worn, the bride would look like a queen in this hairstyle. Moreover, it gives a clean and neat appearance.


5. Crown-Ombre Waves: This hairstyle involves the use of flowers for decoration and to add smoothness and interpretation of romance to the wedding hairdo. It will give you a youthful look and is best for a laid back wedding ceremony.


6. Braided Bun: This hairstyle is a regal one. This hairdo would appear even more attractive if coupled with ornate wedding gown. The braided bun here is convoluted to give it epic appearance with the use of some extension elements.


7. Loose Top Knot: Set in trend by Jennifer Behr, this hairstyle has a swanky appearance with loose but textured topknot. This hairstyle is easy to achieve and effortless to maintain.


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