Black Short Haircuts 2015

Black short haircuts 2015 look amazing when they maintain their natural contour and qualities. The new short haircut trends for black women come with much flexibility of styling. You have a variety of short haircut trends to choose from this time around, including bob hairstyle with a variety of angles and traditional African-American styles and straight styles.


Black short haircuts 2015 cater well to the needs and hairstyle requirements of black women who come with special textured hair. Short hairstyles would take your appearance next to perfection besides keeping your hair’s natural outline and volume. We have put together a list of the most trending black short haircuts 2015.


1. Curvaceous Bangs: This short hairstyle for black women comes with adorable looks and curls besides long bangs that perfectly compliment pixie. It is a combination of diverse hairstyles.


2. Crisp Feathers and Ultra Shine: Jennifer Hudson has set this short hairstyle for black women as a trend. It will make you appear gorgeous and attract eyeballs with the combination of beautiful colors and sharp contrasts.


3. Texturized Waves: This short hairstyle is for you if you want to rock the event with al ultra modern and elegant style. Set into trend by Viola Davis, texturized waves would fully blur the side going and exactitude of your hair ends.


4. Asymmetric Bob With Wispy Ends:This hairstyle is perfect for black women who desire to appear sexy. However, this needs compliment with the outfit you wear. Moreover, you would need to employ some styling products and a professional stylist to achieve this hairstyle.


5. Sleek Purple-Gray Bob: This short hairstyle for black women has been set into motion by Sierra McClain. It is for you’re if you want to give a big surprise to your onlookers with an angled bob with purple and gray shade. This is what gives this normal bob based hairstyle a twist.


6. Softened Geometry: This hairstyle sports the precision of edges and right angles. Moreover, the objective here is to smoothen the inflexibility of the bob hairstyle. This can be easily achieved and maintained.


7. Side Sweep Natural Spirals: This hairstyle features natural appearance and perfectly shapes your looks to be organized. You will have to use spiral rollers to get this short hairstyle. It has made up to the list of black short haircuts 2015 and is climbing the ladder.


8. Bouncy Kinks: This adorable short hairstyle for black women in 2015. It sports bouncy kinks that attract all the attention on you as you walk through any event. The bouncy spiral in this hairstyle defines your persona.


9. Natural kinks with Afro Texture: This short hairstyle has been set as a trend by Rhonda Ross and has the potential to make an accent on the organic outline of the kinks. This short hairstyle is very simple and naïve.


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