Spring Hairstyles 2014

Spring hairstyles 2014 are not just about being trendy but also it encounters the look and facial structure of a person. These hairstyles also give a fresh look which ever hairstyle one chooses to wear. Some of the famous spring hairstyles as mentioned in the Fashioning.com are discussed here.

A milkmaid braid or a crown braid is expected to be one of the most trendy spring hairstyles 2014. It gives a cute look. To have this hairstyle one needs to have long hair and if one has no long hair and still wants to have this hairstyle then one need to find a well matched hair piece.


Spring hairstyles 2014 include the soft, flowing waves. This is not a new style though but it is expected that this hairstyle will be worn with new attitude. Soft waved spring hairstyles 2014 are very effortless and these waves can be worn with a bit of texture and tousle or they can either be worn with a side part or center part. This hairstyle is perfect for short, medium and long hair.


Textured soft waves have a feature of the bed hair dishevel and beachy touch. This hairstyle is very relaxed but also flirty. Those who want to get a flirty look can wear this hairstyle. The little bit of an edge makes it very natural looking and just right for spring season. Also one can have get the appearance of gentle waves dropped out like that of a beach hair that had been slept over or a hair being kept in a braid for a while and then let down. Anyone who opts for effortlessness can go for these trendy and simple hairstyles. The deep side part is another important and trendy spring hairstyles 2014. This hairstyle is with great variety and one can opt from side over center. These hairstyles range from classic to glamorous look.


Some of the interesting and chic spring hairstyles 2014 are highlighted by the Fast TW which is mentioned here. Parted in the middle spring hairstyle 2014 is also one of the trendy hairstyles. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain as one just needs to part ones hair from the middle. Although it is very effortless hairstyle but it is very important that one should wear it if it suits her personality. The androgynous wet effect hairstyle is another chic and stylish spring hairstyles 2014. This hairstyle is basically to get a wet and sexy look. The theme behind androgynous wet effect is to acquire a boyish hairstyle so the hair is pulled back in a hair gel. Spring hairstyle 2014 also includes the wild bun hairstyle. This hairstyle is ruffled and twirling strands from all sides. Also the short hairstyles like the pixie cut, the undercut and the choppy hairstyles are the prominent spring hairstyles 2014.


Spring hairstyles 2014 for men are also about effortlessness. The side swept is one of the dominating hairstyle for men. It gives a chic and fashionable look. Another trendy hairstyle is the wet look for men which give them a sexy look.

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