Short Hair with Bangs 2014

Short hair with bangs 2014 are expected to be the most trendy and chic hairstyles of 2014. They will stand out in 2014 as predicted by hairstylists. Short hairstyles are although the most fashionable hairstyles but with the bangs they look more fabulous and chic. As like other hairstyles, short hair with bangs 2014 are of different types and are ranging from simple to bold and sexy ones.


Short hair with bangs 2014 includes the most famous hairstyle that is the short hair with asymmetrical bangs. This is one of the sexiest and chic hairstyle which not only gives you a fashionable look but also highlights your personality. This hairstyle best suits those who want to look more sexy and chic. The opposite of short hair with asymmetrical bangs is the symmetrical bangs which gives a cute and decent look to a person. For this hairstyle, one needs to have a symmetrically bangs not irregular ones like the asymmetrical bangs. Those who want to have a decent and cute look; short hair with symmetrical bangs is perfect for them.


Bob short hair 2014 with bangs are in a number of varieties, each being unique in its own way. These are very exciting and trendy hairstyles and are in different ranges. It depends on a person that how she wants to look. According to Latest Hairstyles, creamy cut is one of the short bob hairstyle with bangs that gives a sweet look to a person. The long bang put emphasis on the curve around the face and also highlights the facial structure. Short hair with square bang cuts is also important and trendy hairstyles of 2014. Chocolate delight is another short hair with bangs 2014 which gives a stunning and elegant look to a person. The haircut is in such a way that the heap layers in the back are skillfully mingled to the longer ones and the side swept bang gives a trendy look to the person.


Short hair with bangs 2014 are also discussed in the Wow One of the most important hairstyle highlighted in Wow is the full dramatic hairstyle. The full dramatic hairstyle is another short hairstyle with bang 2014 which gives a totally different look to a person. To have this hair style one needs to cut her hair in bob style and then style the bang in a full dramatic way. This hairstyle marvelously and skillfully fames the face of a person. Pixie fairy style is another short hair with bang 2014 which is more like a boyish hairstyle but pixie fairy style requires one to cut the hair in layers and stages. The front hair is left longer while the side and back hair are cut shorter. The front hair is styled in a side swept bang which gives a striking, dramatic and modish look to the person. But one should also keep in mind to have that hairstyle which suits her facial structure and enhances her personality.

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