Prom Hairstyles 2014

To look the best and classy on the prom night, having the most beautiful dress is not enough; one should have astounding and gorgeous hairstyle too. Having the amazing prom hairstyle is as imperative as having a dress or makeup for the prom night.


Prom hairstyles 2014 are not only expected to be different but are also the most stunning hairstyles. Specialists and stylists have envisaged that there will be more fashionable hairstyles trend. Everyone, whether having short hair, medium hair or long hair, they are going to have unique hairstyles for their prom in 2014.


“Hairstyles 2014” have illustrated thoroughly about the prom hairstyles 2014. According to hairstyles 2014, one of the most popular prom hairstyles 2014 is the causal hairstyle. Girls with long hair do not need to chop their hair, they can just let their hair fall by giving it a cluttered look or a little zing can be given by some soft waves to the haircut. This will give them a romantic and retro look. The hottest prom hairstyles 2014 which will give a graceful and stylish look would be the simple chigon. Another choice is awe-inspiring bun prom hairstyle. For this hairstyle sleek ponytails are twisted and are collected together in a single knot. There is another version of bun hairstyle that is bun with Chinese chopstick. This will give a chic and thrilling look.


Prom hairstyles 2014 are to be enhanced through different ways. To look like an ancient Goddess, hair can be braided in a zig zag style or hair can be popped and pinned up on one side which is called a sweet princess prom hairstyle. The French twist prom hairstyle 2014 gives sexy and graceful look and this hairstyle is suitable for every hair type and face shape. Prom hairstyles for boys are not less exciting. Boys with long hair can slick their hair with a think hair band, punk spikes their hair in the middle of the head, detach spikes around the ears and do other mannish hairstyles.


Prom hairstyles 2014 for short hair are premeditated by skilled professionals by taking into account the atmosphere of the proms. All one need to do is to have a hairstyle according to ones clothing. Different hairstyles are there for girls and they can choose according to their Outfit, blazer and long coats. Also, girls can opt for any bridal hairstyle without any braid. The most adorable hairstyles for girls are soft tease, silky curls, spiral cascade with bangs and long twist. Prom hairstyles 2014 for boys with short hair are available. They can do candle spikes or if it is not suitable then they can just fuse their hair to either sides of their head and slick right or left hair style.


Braided hairstyles are going to be the most trendy prom hairstyles 2014 as exposed by many fashion experts. Fancy chignon, bejeweled braid, glam braids, woven braid and fishtail braid are the believed to be the splendid prom hairstyles 2014.

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