Hairstyles for All Occasions for those with Long Hair

When talking about hair, nothing is more attractive and appealing than long, coarse, textured, and thick hair. Lengthy hairstyles are a nice way of showing the shine and glamour of natural hair. Whether the event is a candle-light diner, a wedding, or a birthday party, long hair can be made more beautiful and appealing.


Since the past, long hair was the trend for ladies. Today, however, men are also shifting to having long haircuts. Styles used by celebrities have also added on the trend of having long hair. There are so many styles for long hairs for men and women alike.


Ladies have always tried different styles on their very long hair. They use tools like a dryer, sedu iron, or crimping machine. Alternatively, they go to parlours or stylists before heading to parties or other events. Some really popular styles for ladies with long hair include layers, curls, and straight.

Curly, long hair is best for all occasions. However, they require a lot of maintenance, since hair done this way has a tendency of becoming frizzy and dry. Accessories, pins, and gems may be used as adornment on curly hair. If the curls are large, then the layered hairstyle is a considerable option. Long and layered styles can make a woman look more stylish, elegant, and attractive.


It is worth noting that layers also look great on wavy and straight hairs. The ponytail is another nice option for long hair. It is a very common hairdo that has numerous variations.


Men with long hair also have a number of options when it comes to styling. A few common options for guys with long hair include layers, ponytail, and dimensional cut. Curls, colours, and pressing are also great options for guys, especially if the results suit the shapes and looks of their faces.


The current trend is composed of a number of styles for ladies and guys alike. You should remember that not all styles suit everyone, since different people have different facial structures. Thus, long waves, shoulder shags, and long waves look best on those with oval faces. A blunt cut is not suited for those with oval faces if their hair is curly and thick.


Side swept bangs, waves, layers, curls, and chin-length bobs are nice hairstyles for people who have long faces. Extremely short or long cuts should be avoided since these elongate the face. Graduated layers and long bangs should be intended for those with round faces, while those with square faces should try covering their angular jaws with different styles of layers or curls.


Braids are the option for the more daring. Like the ponytail, it has several variations, which include the fishtail braids, three-strand braids, and the French braids. All of these can be done with some amount of practice. These can also be incorporated into other styles, so more complex designs can be created. If done properly by a stylist or anyone who knows how to braid hair, the result should look clean, neat, and organised. For women and girls alike, wanting to have instant long hairs but can’t wait for your locks to grow by time, you can always achieve this dream overtime. With today’s technology, human hair extensions are now made available to get that instant long and voluminous tresses. Tape in hair extensions are the most sought after, being easy to manage, maintain and not too expensive.

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