2014 Haircut Trends for Women

2014 haircut trends for women start from the short haircuts to the long haircuts. People are aware of the different haircuts and they know which haircut to go for? Which one looks good on them?


Short haircuts are the fashionable haircuts for women for the year 2014. Short hairstyles are popular because it has much reason to be adopted. Short hair 2014 doesn’t need much maintenance and styling and it looks very stylish on everyone. The bob hair cut is the most popular haircuts adopted by women of all ages. It will be the trendiest haircuts for the year 2014. The bob cut can be round and medium cut. Many celebrities have cut their hair short and they look very sexy and attractive in their new haircut. People have been following the trends of these celebrities and give themselves a new look.

Medium layered haircuts have always been popular among the women. The hair cut by the length of the shoulder is very much liked by the women of all ages and is the haircut which is adopted by almost all women around the globe. There are different hairstyles in the medium haircut which looks great on people according to their personality and face structure. The shag haircut is also going to be one of the haircut trends for the women in 2014. Those who are bored with their old hairstyle can cut their hair with different layers. The shaggy hairstyle has many different layers which gives the hair a very trendy look. The shaggy haircut can be done with the different hair length whether the hair is long or medium, the shag haircut gives the hair a glamorous look and the hair can be styled in different ways. This haircut also gives volume to the hair and the hair look thick so it is a great haircut for those women who are worried about their thin hair.


The bowl cut fringes is also going to be the trend for 2014. Models have been wearing this haircut beautifully in different fashion shows. The razored layer haircuts are also popular among the haircuts for medium hair. It is cut into choppy layers and needs a lot of hairstyling.


Long haircuts are always in fashion. It looks sexy and trendy on everyone. Long hair can be cut into different layers and waves. There are different types of layers for different hair types. The thick hair must be cut into choppy layers at the edge of the hair.


The short pixie haircut has always been one of the famous hairstyles among women and it will also be the haircut trend for 2014. The short pixie haircut is for all the women of different ages. It gives them a mature look.

So if you want to look trendy and fashionable in the year 2014. Choose the best haircut for yourself according to your face structure and personality.

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