Updo Hairstyles 2013

Updos are easy and add a lot of texture to natural hair type. African women have naturally coarse hair types and they need to choose a suitable hairstyle. If you have this type of hair you need to choose black updo hairstyles 2013. Coarse hair does not mean that you need to use flat irons or other styling tools. In f act, this type of hair hasspecial tools that do not harm the hair. Hair stylists suggest not using hair products that contain petroleum or silicone. These products will make hair look shiny but they will dry out hair to a greater extent. Leave in conditioners are recommended for coarse hair so that hair remain soft. It is also suggested to use a scarf before sleeping.


An elegant updo hairstyle is created easily. If you have hair between shoulders and chin you must opt for messy updo hairstyles 2013. This type of hairstyle does not require curling of hair. In order messy updo hairstyles 2013 you must pull the front hair and twist them.When you are twisting the hair you must push them forward to add volume at front. This section must be pinned on the top. This step will create a poof on the top. The next step is to leave the side hair. Make a messy updo by pulling the hair and tying and twisting them at the back. Secure this updo with hair pins. Take out a few hair strands out of the bun and twist them. These sections of hair must be kept close to the nape of the neck. These strands can also be twisted upward creating an illusion of length. It is one of the updo hairstyles 2013 can be created for formal events.


If you have long hair you will get advantage of creating gorgeous updo hairstyles 2013. Many women see movies and magazines to choose the right updo. Updo hairstyles 2013 for long hairstyles are sophisticated and elegant. A casual look for long hair is created by applying mousse or wax. The use of these hair products will add texture to fine hair. If you want more volume you need to blow dry the hair by turning the hair upside down. You can also use hairspray to avoid drying the hair.


A casual hairstyle is created by pulling the hair and making the ponytail. Take out a thin strand from the bun and curl it around the ponytail holder. A classic bun will be created by wrapping and securing the ponytail.This casual updo hairstyle is prefect for daily wear. Don’t forget to apply hairspray to hold the updo for hours. Other hair accessories can be used to decorate the updo such as flowers, hair pins, barrettes etc. These hair accessories must not be overdone.

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