Trendy Short Hairstyles 2013

It is important to wear the comfortable and suitable hairstyle that matches your skin tone and facial shape. Although hair keeps growing but the hairstyle must be comfortable. Short haircuts are the most comfortable haircuts that give easy and quick styling. Trendy short hairstyles 2013 need courage especially when you have long tresses. But you must keep in mind that length does not matter for wearing a comfortable hairstyle.


The modern women like to get short haircuts because they can easily manage them.The reason why women like to get trendy short hairstyles 2013 is that they are busy in their work and can’t spend time in creating hairstyles. A mother, housewife and a working woman need short haircuts that need minimal efforts to style.


Trendy short hairstyles 2013 are symbol of modern fashion. Short hairstyles have been evolved since 1920s. A bob haircut represent rebellious image of a woman. The bob cut was the symbol of vibrancy and youthful looks. Bob cut is one of the trendy short hairstyles 2013 that can suit all women. There is no restriction of age and facial shape. But there are some considerations regarding facial shape. Women with long faces are suggested to wear ling bob. Women who have straight hair are the ideal candidates of wearing this stylish short haircut. There is no reason towear bob cut. Some of the popular varieties of bob cut include inverted bob, bob with bangs, A-line bob and asymmetrical bob.


Pixie cut is also one of the popular trendy short hairstyles 2013 that is cut alongside the ears. You can keep the side hair longer than the front. There are many celebrities wearing this trendy short hairstyle. Next there is an edgy short haircut that is sported by Victoria Beckham. Today hair stylists use a razor to give sharp look to the hair. Many women are reluctant to wear this edgy look because it can highlight the sharp features and give less feminine looks. You can ask the hair stylist to add soft touch o this haircut so that it suits your face. Edgy hairstyles can be highlights with bright colors and streaks.


Messy or just woke up look is popular this year. Women with short hair don’t wear neat hairstyles and create a messy look. A perfect messy look is created by applying good amount of gel or wax to hair and scrunching the hair with fingers. Shaggy haircut is an old hairstyle that is becoming popular again. Women can get this haircut for short to medium hair.


Trendy short hairstyles 2013 are styled with a blow dryer and a large round brush. This technique is also helpful for women who have thin hair problem. A blow dryer will add volume to hair making them look thick.

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