Trendy Hairstyles for 2013

If you are interested in knowing what’s latest in fashion then you must keep an eye on fashion shows and magazines. There are many new additions to the fashion of 2013. We are going to discuss some of the trendy hairstyles for 2013 for the winters.


Vintage hairstyles are still considered fashionable. These hairstyles are never out of date since 1950s. You can wear bob cut with waves and pip up styles. Vintage hairstyles are trendy and can be worn with one solid color.


Trendy hairstyles for 2013 include bangs as well. Bangs can be kept in different styles. For example, you can get side swept bangs or blunt bangs. Blunt bangs are kept straight on the forehead and they cover the eyes. On the other hand the side swept bangs are kept on either side and give formal looks. The best thing about bangs is that they can be worn with all types of hair as they can highlight the features properly.


Trendy hairstyles for 2013 can be made more beautifulwith right use of hair accessories. It is simple to use a hair clip or head band to increase the volume of hair. There are many embellished hair clips, combs, barrettes and head bands that match with the dress. Correct makeup and right selection of hair accessories will make you look and feel good.

Short hairstyles are always trendy. Girls love cutting off long locks to wear stylish short haircuts. Trendy hairstyles for 2013 for short hair include classic pixie cut and the bob cut. These haircuts are fun to style with varying length of layers, angles and colors. A stylish bob can be sty led into spikes that will make young girls looks super trendy. There are many celebrities who have sported short hairstyles such as Alyssa Milano, Rihanna and Emma Watson.


Trendy hairstyles for 2013 are not only limited to women as men are equally active and passionate about fashion trends. Men used to get super short, short, medium and long hairstyles for their natural hair lengths. Most of them also get shaved heads or trimmed hairlines or side burns. These hairstyles does not suit all head shapes.Men who have medium or long hair can get a layered haircut so that they can wear them down or tie a ponytail at the back. Many men who want secure looks used to wear braids for their long hair.


It is suggested to know about your facial shape and facial features before trying any hairstyle. Many people are creative enough to create their own styles with their natural haircut. Men and women can choose any of the above mentioned hairstyles for the coming winters to look trendy and beautiful. They can add variations to the selected hairstyle to make it unique.

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