Top Hairstyles for 2013

A hairstyle can accentuate your facial features only if it suits your face. If you have an oval face shape then you are lucky enough to wear many hairstyles. This facial shape is adaptable and supports almost all types of hairstyles. Top hairstyles for 2013 for oval faces are stylish and elegant. An oval face has different length and width making it well proportioned. The selected hairstyle must look good.


Top hairstyles for 2013 for oval faces must enhance the bone structure and facial features. Short hairstyles are a good choice to enhance eyes. Some of the short haircuts for oval faces include bob cut with short layers, inverted bob cut, pixie cut and cropped cut. Medium haircuts include layers that can be curled or kept straight. Chin length bob is also a good choice for oval faces. Long haircuts must be cut with side swept bangs with a deep part. A retro mermaid look is created with deep part on the side and soft waves. This hairstyle will also draw attention to the eyes.


Top hairstyles for 2013 with bangs are helpful in hiding flaws of the face. Some women have long face shapes while other have large forehead. These women get long bangs to conceal the flaws. Heavy bangs will give a heavy look to oval face hence detracting the original oval shape. It is suggested not to add height at the top otherwise the face will look longer. An updo with bangs can be created for oval face.


Top hairstyles for 2013 can be created for other face shapes as well. But there are many ways to make these hairstyles look gorgeous and attractive. There are some useful tips that can help you in maintaining heath of your natural hair so that you can wear any kind of hairstyle.


First of all, you must eat a healthy diet. The food must contain right proportion of vitamins, minerals and other essential elements. Your hair needs proteins, calcium, zinc and vitamins for natural shine and health. You must eat salmon, chicken, eggs, beans, sardines, milk, cheese and yogurt.


Next important thing for top hairstyles for 2013 is to use hair products that suit your hair type. It is not suggested to wash your hair daily. Hair stylists recommend washing of hair twice or thrice a week. Conditioner must be used after washing your hair. Don’t rub your hair when they are wet. Always use a towel to dry them or don’t brush them until they are completely dry.


There are many stylish styling options for different occasions. You can make a formal updo or create a messy bun. A tight and high ponytail with front bangs will give you casual look. Hence, you can wear what you want to look stylish and trendy.

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