Smoking Hot Prom Hairstyles 2013

Prom night is a memorable part of an individual’s life. Everyone wants to look perfect on this grand night. That’s why boys and girls choose the best dress and hairstyle to wear. Hairstyle is very important for the prom night. Girls have hair of different length and types. Therefore, a hairstyle must be chosen carefully.


Often a simple hairstyle can be glamorous enough to draw attention of others. Smoking hot prom hairstyles 2013 also include some effortless styles that take less time but look gorgeous. One of the greatest ways to wear an effortless hairstyle is to add plaits to the style. For example, you can wear tousled hairstyle with waves that have two plaits on the front. One of the classic and smoking hot prom hairstyles 2013 is known as half updo. It is said that big hair is bigger. So, big hair need long length and height at the top. When wearing half updo you can create waves or curls to the down hair.


Updos are also smoking hot prom hairstyles 2013 that are supposed to be the most formal hairstyles. A low bun looks elegant when neatly created with a few hairs trends framing the face. You can add your own touch to this hairstyle by making the bun on the upper half and decorating it with sparkling hair pins.

Messy updos are also considered as smoking hot prom hairstyles 2013. Girls having short hair can also wear this sassy hairstyle. You can create this messy hairstyle by getting a haircut with bangs. You must use ribbons to sweep the bangs on the side so that your hair gets movement. It will give you a sassy style. The next step requires you to style the side hair. You can pin them at the top in form of messy loops. This is how you can get a messy but beautiful hairstyle for the prom.


There are some other messy smoking hot prom hairstyles 2013. This hairstyle gives you a bed head look. You need to start with washing your hair and conditioning them. You must remember not to wash your hair with warm water. Take a towel and dry your hair and use a comb to detangle them. Now take some styling gel or cream and apply evenly to your hair. Make two horizontal sections of hair and tie them with an elastic band to make ponytail. The last step of this hairstyle requires you to separate strands from the ponytail and fix them to the base with hair pins. You can use a curling iron to get them curled and apply shine spray for a shiny hairstyle.


Hence, there are many smoking hot prom hairstyles 2013 that must be chosen for your hair type.

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