Short Hairstyles 2013

Everyone wants to wear hairstyles that are simple to style and easy to maintain. But there are many things that need the attention of wearer. Short hairstyles 2013 are designed for different face and head shapes. There are many other factors that can help you in maintaining the life and health of hair. These factors include fresh air, healthy diet and hair treatments. There are many different short hairstyles 2013 for different face shapes and women need to choose the right one for their personality.


Women with round face shape should be more careful in choosing a suitable hairstyle. Round faces have no corners and shows wide cheekbones and jawline. In other words, the width and length of face is equal. The suitable short hairstyles 2013 for round faces are created after getting a haircut just below the chin. Make sure that length of hair should not exceed longer than the shoulders. What to avoid for round faces? Women with round faces should avoid getting short layers as it can add volume and make the face look wider.


Long face shape has more length and the hairstyle must add width for a balanced look. There are many ways to balance the long face shape. Firstly, women with short haircut at chin length. Bob cut is one of such short hairstyles 2013 that is stylish and adds width to long faces. Secondly, addition of bangs is another way to balance out the length of face. Layers also work for long faces.


Hair stylists believe that women with heart face shapes must get a short haircut. Moreover, side swept bangs can make heart shape face look more flattering by focusing eyes instead of the chin. Women are suggested to keep the bangs above the eyebrows for strong and bold looks.


Women who have heart shaped face must get soft layers for their short hair. They must make sure that layers are not blunt or sharp. Layers will frame the pointed face and balance the facial structure.


Women must keep in mind to avoid getting choppy layers. Similarly short bangs and blunt cuts must also be avoided. There is one exception for getting choppy cut for women with heart shaped faces. Those having fine or thin hair can opt for blunt haircut because such cuts make hair look voluminous. On the other hand, those having thick hair types must stick to blended haircuts especially with layers.


Last but not least, before getting a hairstyle you must talk to your hair stylist so that you understand your facial shape. You can add various colors and effects to short hairstyles 2013 to create an innovative look for the coming year.


No matter what hairstyle you choose you will find them easy to manage and low maintenance.

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