Short Red Hairstyles 2013

Some women have facial features that look good with short hair only. Short hairstyles are good choice for women who don’t need high maintenance styles. But every hairstyle needs maintenance to some extent. Short hairstyles can be maintained by getting trimming every month. Short hair can be styled by applying mousse only.


Red hair is gaining popularity among young girls. Short red hairstyles 2013 give benefit easy styling and look glamorous. There are some popular short red hairstyles 2013 that can you can choose from. The first style is known as ultra-sleek hairstyle for red hair. This hairstyle requires cropped hair that reaches the shoulders. A straightening iron is used for this hairstyle. There are many other chemical treatments that can give you semi-permanent straight hair.


Short red hairstyles 2013 are focused on natural looks. Red hair must be worn as they are without making them look artificial. Natural red hairstyles don’t require use of gel or mousse and you can simply wash and wear them. Red hair also looks good with spikes. Spiky short red hairstyles 2013 look glamorous and you need to set the spikes with styling cream, gel or wax. This hairstyle can be styled at home easily and perfect for any social gathering.


There are many girls who have curly hair and wish to wear some stylish hairstyles. Red haired girls can ask for layered haircut and create waves to them. Natural looking waves are trendy and easily created by scrunching your wet hair. Then there is the Afro twist hairstyle that is also made for short hair. Short red Afro hairstyles look good with large earrings. Some of the other popular short red hairstyles 2013 include celebrity hairstyles. You must have seen Rihanna wearing short red hairstyles. Her hairstyles look elegant and unique with bob cut. You can try this chic hairstyle for versatile looks.


The pixie cut is another funky and ready to wear hairstyle. It is known as a cute and funky hairstyle. This hairstyle can be treated well with red color. Young girls and mature women can wear this funky hairstyle with various hair accessories such as hair pins and head band. Curly hair can also give funky hairstyles. This hairstyle is sported by getting curls on permanent basis. For this purpose the technique of perming can be used. Tight curls can suit slim and round faces. Naturally tight curls need to be moisture to make them look frizz free. If you have straight hair you can use hot rollers to get tight curls. A layered haircut can better work for curls. You can wear red color with streaks of darker shade for a more chic and funky hairstyle. You must understand your facial shape and hair type to choose appropriate hairstyle.

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