Short Curly Hairstyles 2013

There are many celebrities who have popularized short curly hairstyles with their short locks. If you are one of the women who have naturally curly hair with short length then you must try wearing short curly hairstyles 2013.


There are different hair types and short curly hairstyles 2013 vary for these types. If you are a person with coarse hair then it is better to keep them longer so that you can manage them easily. Women with straight hair can curl the hair with a curling iron or perming. Perms are much better option for curling. Black women must use relaxer to get the desired look. Hair relaxers must be used carefully because their excess use can be harmful or health of hair.


Short curly hairstyles 2013 are not recommended for women who have thin or fine hair types. Curls can make the hair look thinner. There are some options for styling short hair with curls. Curls look classic and you can create the look with curling or a flat iron. You can apply curlers when hair is wet. Many girls love wearing curls at bed time. Short curly hairstyles 2013 are best styled when hair is washed and dried. Freshly washed hair give bets results for curls. The tightness of curls depends on the size of barrel of curling iron.


Flat iron is also an alternate option for short curly hairstyles 2013. A flat iron with small plate is recommended for getting the hair curled. The hair must be clamped on the flat iron and twisted in upward direction. The flat iron is pulled down until hair strand is completely released. A flat iron will give you bouncy curls. It is one of the short curly hairstyles 2013 that needs a lot of practice.


The length of hair matters for creating curly hairstyles. The ideal hair length for short hair is between jaws and ears. These haircuts can be easily cut and styled. There are some rules for maintaining and creating curly hair. It is advised to wash and condition hair so that curly looks soft and beautiful. After the hair is washed you must wash them with a towel. Now apply a good amount of styling gel and style the hair with fingers. You can also use hair dryer with diffuser. Don’t forget to apply hairspray so that the natural waves are kept on place.


Short hair always enhances bouncy curls. A curling iron can be used by girls who have straight hair. It is always suggested to use heat protecting gels before using styling tools so that heat does not damage the hair. Proper hair care is also needed for creating gorgeous hairstyles because healthy hair can be styled in different ways using different products and tools.

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