Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

Everyone is opting for simple and easy but stylish hairstyles. There are a large number of women who like to wear short hairstyles. It is because that short hairstyles are easy to maintain. It is somehow true but women with long and medium hair can also maintain their hair easily. There are some simple hairstyles for women having short and medium hair.


Short bob hairstyles 2013 have many different types. The first type of bob cut is known as stacked bob that is short in length and suits thin and fine hair types. The hair at the back is cut into layers. Layers are cut in such a way that they look stacked. The front section of hair can be cut into bangs. Stacked bob cut add volume to hair to make them look full of body. Stacked bob can be combined with graduated bob to get a modern hairstyle.


Short bob hairstyles 2013 can also be styled with bangs and fringes. Blunt bangs will give sharp looks to women who have straight hair. Hair stylists are working hard to suggest short bob hairstyles 2013 that can transform the looks. These hairstyles are not only for women who have straight hair but also for curly and wavy hair. Curly bob is the true symbol of feminine style. Bob cut can be made more interesting with messy touch. The messy bob is styled with a blow drier.


There are some recommendations for short bob hairstyles 2013 that can make your hairstyle gorgeous. Firstly, if you have thin hair then you must always add layers to the bob cut. The reason for getting layers is that it will add volume to the thin hair and your hair will look voluminous. Secondly, contemporary short bob hairstyles 2013 are suggested for women who have square face shapes. The reason for getting this style of bob is that the hair falling on both sides of the face will frame the features to make them look soft. Thirdly, crimps, waves and curls can be added to make the bob hairstyle more versatile.


Inverted bob hairstyle is cut to add volume on the crown. Women with long face shapes must get inverted bob to make the face look round due to the volume at the top. On the other hand, angled bob adds quantity to the face. Hair color and highlights can be added to the bob cut to make the hairstyle more appealing.


You don’t have to work hard in finding a hot bob hairstyle for the coming year. The above mentioned short bob styles are the hottest trends for the year 2013 and you can simple ask your hairstylist to give you a new haircut.

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