Short Blonde Hairstyles 2013

Short hairstyles are easily maintained but there are limited styles to choose from. Short blonde hairstyles 2013 can be curled, blow dried and straightened to get different looks. Girls find it difficult to choose the right blonde hairstyle. There are many factors that help people in wearing perfect hairstyle for the wedding. The brides must have a positive attitude towards all the aspects. Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial aspects that can lead to a perfect wedding.


Short blonde hairstyles 2013 must be selected after knowing the facial shape. Brides who have long or slim face must choose short hairstyles with blonde color. Therefore, the facial shape cannot be ignored when choosing the blonde hairstyle for brides. Moreover, short blonde hairstyles 2013 also suit tall women. Hence, brides who are tall and have thin faces and long necks should wear short haircuts to frame the body in an ideal manner. On the contrary, brides who have round faces and short necks should stay away from short blonde hairstyles 2013.


Brides must accessories there short hairstyles so that it looks matching with the dress, jewellery and makeup. But one must take care of the fact that accessories should not be overdone. The hair accessories are a source of highlighting the hairstyle instead of making the hair dominant. In order to highlight the short blonde hairstyles 2013 brides must use small hair pieces such as hair pins, clips or flowers. In other words, small haircuts must be decorated with small hair pieces. There are many small sized hair accessories available in market such as butterflies, pins etc. Another important factor in using hair accessories is the hair color. Since blonde is a lighter hair color therefore, the brides must use dark hair accessories and vice versa.


The natural hair is equally important for the wedding hairstyle. Brides who have naturally blonde hair color can also try wearing other hair colors for the big day. If brides are serious in changing the hair color they must test the color before getting the color for all hair. By doing so, they can know if the new color suits their face and their personality. A hairstyle can be ruined with the wrong selection of hair color.

There are some of the suggestions for short hairstyles 2013. Those who have curly hair can use flat iron to wear sleek hairstyles. Slight waves can also be added to straight hair for a dramatic look. Beach waves will suit blonde hair for the beach wedding theme. Fringes can be cut for short hair. These fringes will add a lot of volume on the top and make brides look glamorous. Fringes can be cut straight or blunt depending on the hairstyle.

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