Round Faces Hairstyles 2013

Often people think that round faces mean circle shapes. People with these face shapes look cute and get the benefit of wearing a number ofhairstyles. Men with round faces must wear hairstyles after carefully observing their facial shapes. Men need to find out width and length of their face.


Round face hairstyles 2013 look good for short hair. This is because short hairstyles give a good view of the crown. Spikes are also a good choice for men having round faces. Spikes can be made for straight hair types. The length of the spikes must not play any role in increasing the width of face. Round face hairstyles 2013 with side swept bangs have a striking effect on the face. These types of bangs draw the attention to the top of the head. Bangs also decrease the width of the face.


It is a critical task to determine the shape of the face. Men can easily measure the roundness of their face at home. They need a measuring tape, paper and a mirror to find length and width of face. The first step is to measure the space between two cheekbones. The second step is to take measurement for the jaws. The tape is kept on the jaw bone below one eye and measured to the other jaw bone. The third step is to find out the width of the forehead. The tap is kept in the middle of one eyebrow and measurement is taken for the second eyebrow. The fourth step is to measure the length of the face. The tape is kept in the centre of the hairline and measure to the chin. All the measurements are recorded and if the width of the face is longer than or equal to the length it means that a man has a round face.



People with round faces need round face hairstyles 2013 in order to balance the shape. There are different types of round faces. Some people have less round faces while others have completely round face. Often these people need round face hairstyles 2013 to hide the double chin.


There are some tips for round face hairstyles 2013. The first tip is to grow out the hair longer than the chin so that hair does not accumulate around the face. Hair longer than chin will give the illusion of longer face. Layers are a good haircut for round faces. Men must get a layered haircut around their face but the first layer must start at chin. But there are many men who love short haircuts. Such men can choose swept back hairstyles so that volume is created at the crown and the face look slim. Bangs are a good addition to short haircuts.

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