Popular Hairstyles 2013

There are so many hairstyles that are high in fashion and flatter the looks. In olden times, popular hairstyles were meant for a few shapes only. But the popular hairstyles 2013 are available for all face shapes. Women have always a hard time choosing the right hairstyle for long hair. Most of them used to cut their long tresses to wear short hairstyles.


Let’s begin with popular hairstyles 2013 for short lengths. The first hairstyle is known as the pixie hairstyle that has been popular since many years. It is one of the kinds of extremely short hair that has been modified for 2013. Ladies with pear and narrow face shapes can find this hairstyle really helpful. The pixie cut can be blow dried to create various looks. It is also a low maintenance hairstyle.


Popular hairstyles 2013 for men include bed head looks. It is the right hairstyle for men who want to wear messy styles. There are many male celebrities who have created a buzz with their messy hairstyles. This hairstyle can becreated by getting a haircut with at least two inches of hair. The neck is often shaved. A good amount of styling gel is applied and hair is messed up with fingers. The same procedure canalso be followed to create spikes and waves.


Layers always remain popular among women who want to get long and medium hair. Layeredhairstyle gives a beautiful touch of bounce and volume. A layered haircut needs to be cut by hair stylist because he/she knows what lengthoflayers will suit yourface. The top layers are started at the chin. There are only a few women who get the top layers at earlobes or even at eyes. Popular hairstyles 2013 can be enhanced with color and highlights. A layered cut with colors will reflect a drastic look. In fact layers and colors make an amazing combination.


Layers can also be combined with bunt bangs, fringes, choppy hair, shaggy and bob haircuts. This hairstyle is the only solution for women who face problem of thin hair or hair loss. This hairstyle will not only add volume but also reduce split ends. Similarly, there are many women who have extremely thick hair and cannot create any delicate hairstyle. These women are suggested to wear layered popular hairstyles 2013. Layers will shed the extra weight of hair and make them flexible for any delicate andfeminine hairstyle. Thick hair must be styled with flat iron to createsleek celebrity looks.


No matter what is length or type of hair, all the above mentioned popular hairstyles 2013 will look gorgeous and flattering on your face.The key to choose the right style is to wear natural hairstyles with minimal useof styling tools and products.

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