New Hairstyles for 2013

In the present age women have an extremely busy schedule. It is the main reason why they can’t afford growing out their hair. New hairstyles for 2013 for busy women include some super stylish short haircuts. In fact these short styles need minimal styling and maintenance. Pixie is one of the new hairstyles for 2013 that is short and sassy.


Many working women want stylish and formal hairstyles that are suitable for office as well. Updo hairstyles are the right choice for these women. Women can wear an updo hairstyle at the top of the head, on the either side or at the back. Half up and half down hairstyle is another great look for busy women. Accessories always improve the overall looks of the hairstyle.


New hairstyles for 2013 also include ponytail. This hairstyle works for medium to long hair lengths. Ponytail also helps in focusing the facial features especially long neck. A high ponytail can accentuate the strong features of face. A low ponytail can also be worn to create other hairstyles such as chignon, braids or buns.


An easy hairstyle for busy women can be created by parting the hair at the left ear. Try ignoring the hair at right ear so that you get two sections of hair. A headband can be used to secure the hair at the crown area. Now roll the hair and secure tightly with hair pins. At the end two buns will be created in the same line.


Many women like choppy hairstyles in short lengths. Many geometric and textured hairstyles are also trendy. One of such hairstyles includes the hot bob cut. Bob haircut is the most flexible style that is short and suits all face shapes. A long bob cut is preferred for women who have round faces. The long bob will make the face look slim by elongating it. Moreover, bob cut is the best hairstyle for women who have straight hair types.


There are a large number of men who are busy and want simple but stylish new hairstyles for 2013. Most of the men follow the trend of getting buzz cut. This haircut was popular in 1940s. It is one of the hairstyles that is simple and need less maintenance. Many of the hairstyles for men are being textured. Therefore, variation can be added to men hairstyle by growing out the top hair. In order to get younger looks women are suggested to get a bob cut at chin length. Those who have wavy hair types must get their hair straight before styling the bob cut. Similarly women with curly hair can also wear slightly long or medium bob cut.


All the above mentioned new hairstyles for 2013 are latest and women and men will look great wearing them.

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