Most Popular Hairstyles 2013

There are a lot of hairstyles that can flatter your personal style. In olden times, hairstyles were limited to a few face shapes only. In the modern age, there are some universal hairstyles that can be worn for all face shapes. There has been a war between short and long hairstyles. Many people are opting for most popular hairstyles 2013 with different lengths.


A pixie cut is one of the most popular hairstyles 2013. It is the hairstyle that suit pear shape and narrow faces. Those who have wide faces must think of some other hairstyle. Girls like this hairstyle due to the low maintenance. They can style the hair by blow drying and applying hair spray.


Most popular hairstyles 2013 have new trends for colors. It has been noticed that strawberry color is very popular. Many celebrities have changed their blonde hair color to strawberry. It is a new color that can be challenging sometimes. There are many people who are satisfied with the looks of their natural hair color but they want to get a new color when it comes to styling.


When talking about most popular hairstyles 2013 we should not forget men.The bed head or messy hairstyle is one of the most wanted hairstyles. Many male celebrities have also been seen in this messy look. This hairstyle needs hair of about 2 inches. Sides, back and drown must have this hair length. A good amount of styling gel or wax is applied with hands and hair is messed up. There is no complicated technique of styling for messy look.


There are most popular hairstyles 2013 that require short, medium and long lengths. Short hairstyles consist of clipper cut, crew cut, fade, military cut and buzz cut. Fade cut is going to dominate this year with its variations. This needs a few minutes for styling. The only downside of this hairstyle is that men need to maintain the short length of hair. The medium hairstyles require hair of about 4 inches. These hairstyles are different from short hairstyles due to the texture. A razor and scissors is required for cutting medium hair. Men can wear layered haircut with bangs or create a low ponytail at the back. Many men wear down hairstyles after applying gel to the front hair.


Long hairstyles are very appealing and add texture to hair. This year men can wear many types of long hairstyles.Some of them include ponytails and braids. A long layered haircut will help men to get new style. Long hairstyles need more maintenance and products as compared to medium and short hair. Sleek hairstyle is no more limited to women as 2013 has some alluring straight hairstyles for men.

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