Mens Short Hairstyles 2013

Men of the modern era show high interest in fashion and hairstyles. One cannot deny the fact that the hairstyle tells about the personality of the person. It might be the reason why men are more interested in hairstyles. Although men don’t require long hair lengths but they need to find the suitable style. Many men want to change their current hairstyle. The first step in changing the style is to get a short haircut.


Mens short hairstyles 2013 are the best example of styles that need low maintenance. Many short hairstyles are cut with layers so that texture is added. These layers are further styled into spikes with the help of gel or wax. This type of haircut is shaved close to the back but the top hair is longer to create spikes.This is one of the mens short hairstyles 2013 that is perfect for men working in offices.


Mens short hairstyles 2013 also include faux hawk that seems similar to the classic Mohawk. This hairstyle is easy to tame and offers easier styling. The sides of hair are super short but not completely shaved. The centre hair is long so that men can create spikes. The side hair is laid down. Men need good amount of gel or hairspray to style the spikes.


Messy haircuts are supposed to be trendy mens short hairstyles 2013. Many celebrities have sopped bed head or messy looks. This hairstyle is created after getting a haircut that has hair up to 2 inches. The hair is considered long enough for styling. The hair is messed up with the fingers after applying gel or wax. This hairstyle will last throughout the day if holding gel is evenly applied.


Majority of men all around the world love wearing short hairstyles. There are only a few men who want to grow their hair to longer lengths. But men working in a formal environment usually prefer getting a short haircut. Men don’t have to only work in offices only as many men are indulged in military job as well. These men get mens short hairstyles 2013 after getting military haircut.


There are many varieties of mens short hairstyles 2013. Short haircuts are limited for specific hair types. For example a man having thin hair should stay away from short hair otherwise he will look almost bald. Most of the short haircuts offer a free hand to create various styles. A man has complete freedom to choose a short hairstyle with short hair. The Ivy League hairstyle is a short hairstyle that is also known as medium fade hairstyle. The high and tight is also short hairstyle that is stylish and easy to create. A bald fade hairstyle is a medium fade hairstyle that can make men look fashionable.

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