Men Hairstyles 2013

There are so many varieties of men hairstyles 2013 that suit different hair types. There are some popular haircuts for men. One of such haircuts is known as crew cut. This haircut has many variations. Often crew cut is meant for military men. It does not involve high maintenance. There are many new versions of crew cut. It is a classic cut that can suit the personality of guys. It is also a formal hairstyle.


Buzz cut is also one of the men hairstyles 2013 that is liked by sportsmen and athletes. It is very short hairstyle that needs no styling at all. The tapered hairstyle is suitable for men who want to keep medium length of hair. This haircut is cut short on the sides and back but the front is longer. Messy hairstyle is also trendy for men who have thin hair types with medium hair. Messy hairstyles are also known as bed head styles. Messy men hairstyles 2013 need maintenance to some extent.


There are many men who have curly hair and find it difficult to choose the right hairstyle. The Jude Law hairstyle is known to be the best men hairstyles 2013 for curly hair. It is an advanced form of tapered hairstyle. A casual hairstyle is the perfect look for long curly hair for men. But men with long and curly hair must keep in mind that they need to spend more time in caring and creating styles. Often men face problem in straightening their curly hair. The only way is to get a stylish hairstyle without making the hair straight. A good haircut is required that can define the curlypatternof hair. Curly hair should not be washed daily.


Men hairstyles 2013 also include mullet, flat top, mushroom cut, bowl cut, French crop and square back. These hairstyles are innovative and suitable for modern men. Young boys who want short hairstyles with easy management must get crew cut and flat top styles. Bangs and spikes can be created for mullet haircut because the top hair is longer.


It was believed that bowl cut and mushroom cut is only for the kids. But this year men are tending to get these two haircuts for summer season. Summer season is often troublesome for many men and they get a shaved look.


The faux hawk hairstyle is the newer form of Mohawk that is simply styled. The sides of hair are short but not shaved. The hair at the centre is long so that they can be styled into spikes. The spikes can be created in any direction. Spikes need to be settled with a good amount of styling gel or wax. Gel or styling cream must be evenly applied before making spikes and hair must be mist with hairspray at the end.

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