Medium Bob Hairstyles 2013

The best medium hairstyles are worn after you know your hair type and facial shape. These hairstyles are also known as shoulder length hairstyle or mid length hairstyles. You can see many varieties of medium hairstyles that include ponytails, layers, updos but the most elegant hairstyle is known as bob.


Medium bob hairstyles 2013 are safe hairstyles that can suit women of all ages. The bob cut frames the face and balances the shape of face. For example, it can soften the angular faces and heart shaped face look wider. There are many types of medium bob hairstyles 2013. Some of the popular types of bob cut include blunt bob, choppy bob, layered bob, angled bob, asymmetrical bob, A-line bob, inverted bob, bob with bangs and Beckham bob.


Medium bob hairstyles 2013 need maintenance so that you can wear them for longer. Let’s have a look at some of the trendy bob hairstyles. The first type of bob cut is the layered bob. As the name suggests, it includes a lot of layers. This hairstyle suits straight hair types. Women with curly hair should stay away from this hairstyle. Layers are cut into different styles. Some of the bob cuts require choppy layers while others require soft layers. Women who have thin hair can choose short layers. On the other hand women who want to add flow to hairstyle must get long layers.


The classic bob hairstyle was cut at chin length but medium bob hairstyles 2013 are cut at shoulder length. In fact, people want to experiment with medium bob cuts. These haircuts suit women who have long necks and angular facial shapes. These haircuts can be compared with pixie cut that is short and looks cute.


Medium bob hairstyles 2013 look graceful and add sophistication to one’spersonality. People with square or round face shapes should avoid wearing medium bob hairstyles. Medium bob hairstyle does not require maintenance. You can get trimmings after 8 weeks to makethe hairstyle look neat and clean. You can use a blow dryer to style the haircut.


Fringes or bangs can be styled with bob cut. But it is the choice of the wearer to get fringes. Many women like to wear fringes due to the reason that they can hide flaws of their face. The style of bangs may vary to enhance the facial features. You can get short or long bangs. Asymmetrical bob cut supports asymmetrical and wispy bangs. Many women are not comfortable with asymmetrical medium bob because it has different cuts and angles. But young girls love wearing this hairstyle due to its unique cuts. Bob cut with bangs need frequent maintenance in form of trimmings. Hence, there is no special reason to get a medium length bob cut.

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