Long Bob Hairstyles 2013

Bob haircuts are popular since last many decades. There are many celebrities who have been wearing bob haircuts. Long bob hairstyles 2013 give adorable looks without any trouble or difficulty. There are different types of bob hairstyles. Some of the popular bob cuts include medium bob, short bob, long bob, layered bob, bob with bangs and stacked bob. The most versatile type of bob cut is the long bob. These haircuts suit girls of all ages.


Long bob hairstyles 2013 with layers are very trendy. This hairstyle can best work for straight hair types. Girls who have curly hair must stay away from long layered bob cut because it can make hair look puffy. Layered bob cut is of different types. Some of the layers are soft while others are blunt and choppy. Short layers can be useful in adding volume to hair.


The classic bob haircut reached the chin but with the passage of time people made many changes to it. Women who have angular faces must opt for long bob hairstyles 2013. These haircuts need low maintenance but blow drying is necessary to style this haircut. Fringes and bangs are a new addition to long bob hairstyles 2013. Bangs are helpful in hiding the flaws of face especially forehead and enhance strong facial features. The bob haircuts can be made more original depending on the style of bangs. Bangs vary in length and size. Some of the bangs may look like fringes. Bangs are cut straight or asymmetrical. Bangs require frequent trimmings to keep them in proper shape. Many celebrities love wearing bob cut with bangs such as Rihanna.


Long bob hairstyles 2013look graceful when cut properly. The long hair looks shiny and flexible with bob cut. Long bob can be styled for all hair textures. Girls with curly, wavy or straight hair can wear long bob cut. This hairstyle suits women who have round face shapes.


Inverted bob is another variation for long hair. In fact, this hairstyle is supposed to be the style of modern women. This style of bob cut can be cut for medium to long hair. There are some tips that can be followed to style inverted long bob hairstyles 2013. First of all, add layers to the haircut. Secondly, part the hair in the middle so that layers are flaunted. A deep effect for bob cut is added by getting a choppy layered haircut. These layers give more sensual looks as compared to regular layers. Choppy long layers with bangs will make you look ultra-modern and fashionable. This haircut is styled by combing the front hair and arranging the layers with fingers. The layers can also be tousled to create messy and casual hairstyle for everyday wear.

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