Hottest Short Hairstyles 2013

For many women long hair is a trouble and they find it difficult to wash and style them. There are still many women who hate managing hair. For these women short hairstyles can work like wonder. We are going to highlight some of the hottest short hairstyles 2013 for women who like easy styling.


Before getting started with the hottest short hairstyles 2013 you must know that there are three categories of short hair namely super short hair, jaw length hair and chin length hair. It is the personal of the woman to choose the desired length for her haircut. Some of the versatile and hot hairstyles for the year 2013 are listed below.


The first haircut is known as the bob cut. Bob haircut is versatile and offers many variations. The best thing about bob cut is that it can suit all face shapes. If you have round facial shape you must get long bob cut. It will give a slimming effect to the face. No doubt that bob cut is one of the hottest short hairstyles 2013. If you have straight hair you wear this appealing hairstyle. Young girls can get a chin length bob for a stylish and appealing look. Many women having wavy hair texture use hair straightener to wear different hairstyles. But they can wear bob cut with their natural hair texture without using a flat iron. Blunt bob is suitable for those who have fine hair. You can ask your hair stylist to cut few bangs above the eyebrows. It is suggested to avoid blunt bangs for hottest short hairstyles 2013 in order to get a balanced look. This haircut needs trimming after one month so that the bob cut remains in shape. You need a blow dryer to style the bob cut. It will take about 20 minutes to style the hair and you are done with a great look.


Pixie is also one of the hottest short hairstyles 2013. This haircut requires cutting of hair along the ears. Some women like to add layers to this classic haircut. Choppy layers are cut on the crown and blended with fringes or bangs. Bangs and fringes are kept on the side or on the front. Women having heart shaped faces must wear this haircut. Basically there are two ways to wear this haircut. The first way is to wear it straight so that you can get sleek look. You can use shine serum to enhance the hairstyle. The second way is to wear it with curls and crimps. The curls must be natural and textured.


The pixie cut is always styled with styling gel or wax. The use of styling products enhances the natural texture of hair. No matter what style of pixie you choose for your face it will offer easy management and fuss free styling.

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