Halle Berry Hair 2013

Halle Berry always wears perfect makeup and hairstyles. This is why she looks elegant and beautiful. Whether she is attending a red carpet or casual event, Halle Berry hair 2013 looks fabulous. Some of the Halle Berry hair 2013 can be created by following steps.


A natural Halle Berry hair 2013 is worn down by curling hair. Damp hair is rubbed with leave in conditioner so that natural curls are enhanced. The bangs are smoothed out with shine serum and styled with fingers. The hair is dried using a blow dryer and scrunched to add more curls. A finished look is given to the hairstyle with hairspray.


A cropped Halle Berry hair 2013 is styled by enhancing natural texture of hair. The hair is lifted up to get spikes after applying styling gel to damp hair. The hair is tousled by scrunching with fingers. Apply wax to hair to hold spikes for longer.


Halle Berry hair 2013 has volume for her short hairstyles. An edgy hairstyle is lifted for a formal look. To begin with, damp hair is rubbed with texturizing spray and blow dried. Hair is shaken with fingers so that volume is added. Apply a little amount of styling gel to completely dried hair. Make sure it is evenly applied with fingertips. It will help to lift the hair and a hairspray will hold the hairstyle firmly.


A spiky Halle Berry hair 2013 gives bold appearance by misting texturizing spray into damp hair. A blow dryer is used to dry the hair while shaking them with fingers. A little amount of styling gel is applied with fingertips for additional definition and fullness. The top hair is twisted with fingers to get spikes.


A carefree and flirty Halle Berry hair 2013 is achieved with shag and bob cut. The ends are flipped up for a perfect carefree style. A small amount of styling gel is applied to damp hair. The hair is blow dried and brushed with a large round brush. It will add roundness to length of hair. One inch section of hair is misted with hairspray and curled with a curling iron of medium barrel. Ends are curled repeating the same procedure. Apply hairspray to wear this hairstyle for whole day.


Another fabulous hairstyle of Halle Berry is achieved with centre parting and flared curls. A nickel size styling cream is rubbed to damp hair and blow dried along with a paddle brush. Hair is divided into sections, misted with hairspray and wrapped over a curling iron. The procedure is repeated for entire hair. Curls must be created in alternating directions for a flared effect. Take a wide toothed comb and run into the hair in the direction of curls. It will give smooth and soft rolled out look. Finally, hair is misted with hairspray for extra holding.

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