2013 Hair Trends

If you are a fan of hairstyles of 70s and want to get one of such styles then it’s the right time. 2013 hair trends have some of hot hairstyles of 70s.In fact, this year natural looks are popular. During 1970s everyone allowed their hair to grow so that they can wear full Afro hairstyles. Some other hairstylesincluded straight, swept back and curly styles. These hairstyles of 70s are considered as 2013 hair trends.


Let’s see 2013 hair trends that have been adopted from the era of 1970s. The first hairstyle is known as the full Afro style. In 1970s Afro hairstyle was a great hit due to the natural look. People used to wear this natural hairstyle for their natural hair length. 2013 hair trends state that people with curly hair can let their hair grow to longer length do that can easily wear the perfect Afro hairstyle. This hairstyle can be enhanced with various hair products. You can also pull the hair for the fluffy and flared hairdo. You must make sure that cursremain in place.


Shaggy hairstyle was popular in 1970s and you can see it again. The shaggy style of 70s was simple and cut with layers to create the desired looks. The modern women can also get this haircut with short to medium length. It is very easy to style shaggy haircut. Make sure you use a blow dryer to style your shaggy haircut. You must also ensure that hairstyle looks natural.


2013 hair trends emphasize natural looks and many of the hairstyles of 70s were natural. At that time, everyone wanted to wear straight hairstyles. Those down and straighthairstyles looked beautiful. Women with curlyhair had the problem to wearing straight and down hairstyles. The woman of today can use a flat iron to wear straight and sleek look for wavy hair. It is very easy to wear straight hairstyles due to availability of styling tools.


The hairstyles of 1970s also included the pageboy style. It was the most popular hairstyle of that time. The page hairstyle was cut for short and medium hair lengths with bangs, the bangs were kept hanging on the ears. This hairstyle is similar to Egyptian style. The modern page boy hairstyle is popular among young generation. Young women can get this hairstyle by cutting bangs. The bangs must be of appropriate length so that you can wear the perfect hairstyle.


All these 2013 hair trends are easily created and give natural looks. You can add innovation to the hairstyles of 1970s to make them modern styles. But you should not forget to keep the hairstyle as natural as possible. Girls can also use hair accessories to enhance the hairstyle.

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