Formal Updo Medium Curly Hairstyles 2013

It is fun to change your looks with a medium curly hairstyle. Undoubtedly, updos are the best formal hairstyles that make the wearer look elegant and charming. The best thingabout these hairstyles is that they can match all types of dresses. Formal updo medium curly hairstyles 2013 have length that can be swept up to make various styles. Let’s see what the popular formal updo medium curly hairstyles 2013 are.


Medium length hair can be styled into French twists. You can wear this hairstyle in an elegant manner. Moreover, this hairstyle is fuss free, easy to style and decorated with accessories. You can combine a French twist with an updo for a more flared look. Chignons are also formal updo medium curly hairstyles 2013 that are created by folding the hair and securingthem at the back with bobby pins. The best thing about chignons is that they give a polished look and suit with all types of dresses.


Braids are also playful hairstyle that give bets result when combined with an updo. You can create braids on the sides and tie the remaining hair into a low bun at the back. Make sure you secure the braids safely by using bobby pins. This hairstyle can be worn by mature women as well. Formal updo medium curly hairstyles 2013 also include half up and half down style. You can create this look for your naturally curly hair by pulling the half hair at the back. Normally the hair from the front and sides are pulled back. The half hair at the back are kept down resting on the shoulders. You can decorate this half up hair with hair pins and clips.


Formal updo medium curly hairstyles 2013 also includes buns. Bins can be worn in different ways. You can wear it to get a polished or romantic look. The position of a bun can be varying and you can create a bun at the nape of the neck, above the nape of neck and on the either sides. When styling a bun for your curly hair you must pull the hair lightly to create a soft look. A bun that is created by tightly pulling the hair only works well for straight hair and give sleek appearance. You can wear appropriate jewellery with a bun to show off your beautiful neck.


All these formal updo medium curly hairstyles 2013 can change you without getting a new haircut or colouring hair. You must try wearing all the hairstyles to get a new look every day. If you face any type of difficulty in creation of an updo you can get help from your hair stylist to know tips and tricks.

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