Formal Updo Long Curly Hairstyles 2013

Formal hairstyles are needed for special events such as business meetings, weddings and parties. Updos have always been on the top of the list of formal hairstyles. An updo is created by brushing and piling the hair neatly at the back of the head. These hairstyles give an elongated look to the neck hence emphasizing the shoulders. In other words, formal updo long curly hairstyles 2013 tend to show the beauty of the wearer in all possible ways. There are many variations of formal updo hairstyles for long and some of them are mentioned below.


Formal updo long curly hairstyles 2013 look amazing with bangs. There are many benefits of bangs other than styling. Bangs can hide the flaws of face such as scars, acne and blemishes. It requires one step to get bangs with an updo. You can part the hair across your forehead. Bangs can also be created by pulling the hair over the forehead.


Formal updo long curly hairstyles 2013 can often be tricky and might require effort and time. The curly formal hairstyles need to be curled before pinning the hair. Women who have naturally curly hair must wear this hairstyle. The curly hair can be styled with decorative pins, barrettes and hair jewellery. Women need to be careful when wearing hair accessories for formal updo long curly hairstyles 2013 because these accessories can detract the attention from the hairstyle.


Half updos are also a type of updos that have a combination of down and up hairstyle. These hairstyles are also known as semi-formal hairstyles. These formal updo long curly hairstyles 2013 can hide some part of the face. Many celebrities have sported half updos on red carpet events. Actress Nicole Kidman has sported some gorgeous half updos with curly hair. These hairstyles are suitable for women who don’t want to get super formal hairstyles. In fact half formal updo long curly hairstyles 2013 show a light mood of the wearer. Some of the options and ideas for these curly hairstyles are given here. You must tie your hair below the crown area and use an elastic band to secure them. This step will allow you to show off your shoulders and long neck. Side swept bangs can frame the face by giving natural looks. You can pin the hair below the crown area and leave a few tendrils flowing freely on the face. You can also wear a headband on the top of the crown and tie the back hair into a bun.


Angelina Jolie has been a source of inspiration for many women and they love her hairstyles. Women who have heart, oval or square shaped faces must wear one of her hairstyles for long curly hair.

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