Formal Long Straight Hairstyles 2013

Flowing long tresses are the newest fashion of year 2013. Honestly speaking long straight hair look so gorgeous that they have been called as the hottest trend of the year. The basic idea behind creation of formal long straight hairstyles 2013 is to keep the hair flowing to show the natural texture and length of hair. Wavy and curls are romantic but straight hair simply rock.



Formal long straight hairstyles 2013 are the combination of smooth and sleek looks. You are done with straight hairstyle when you get sleek hair. This sleek look is easily created by blow drying the hair after washing them. A shine spray can give the perfect glossy hairstyle for formal events.


The best thing about straight hairstyles is that you can wear them on every occasion. There are specific haircuts that flatter the long length of hair. These haircuts include precision cut, layered cut and razor cut. You need styling products for razor and layered cuts. Formal long straight hairstyles 2013 include some of the old hairstyles and a few new ones. You can choose your desired look for your long tresses.


The first hairstyle is a side ponytail that is an old style. You can create a simple ponytail and push it to the side. In order to get a modern look create a deep parting on the side. This formal hairstyle is created by applying straightening serum to damp hair. Comb the hair and pull them above the ear to make a ponytail. An updo can be created from this basic hairstyle. The ponytail can also be secured by wrapping the hair around the ponytail holder.


Formal long straight hairstyles 2013 include flick and toss style. It is created by keeping the top hair smooth and the bottom half hair is messy. You can use a round brush with a blow dryer to add volume. Don’t forget to apply hair spray for enhanced texture. The back hair can also be tousled. Braids give a charming look to long hair. This is one of the easy formal long straight hairstyles 2013 that require 5 minutes. There are different types of braids that look good on straight hair. Longer the hair the beautiful the braid is created.


Ultra-sleek hairstyle is going to rock this year. Women who have natural straight hair can use a flat iron and shine serum to get this look. You can keep yourself updated and fashionable with formal long straight hairstyles 2013. Ultra-sleek hairstyles are made beautiful with middle or side parting. A simple pull back hairstyle is formal for straight hair. You can wear low or high bun. Don’t forget to leave a few hair strands on the face for soft touch.

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