Formal Half up Long Curly Hairstyles 2013

Half up hairstyles have the ability of sporting classic and elegant styles for formal events. Curly hair types are different from straight hair because they are prone to frizz and dryness. Luckily, there are some easy formal half up long curly hairstyles 2013 that look beautiful and one looks elegant wearing them.


Greek Goddess hairstyle, one of the formal half up long curly hairstyles 2013, was worn by Angelina Jolie. She got the look for curly and long hair. This hairstyle is the best choice for women who have long hair. You can create this style by gathering the hair on the front and sides and pull them away from the face. Take bobby pins and pin the hair at the back. As a result, you will get a low half up with a ponytail. This hairstyle can be made elegant by using bobby pins that match your hair color. Clips can also be used instead of bobby pins.


Formal half up long curly hairstyles 2013 can often be challenging. There are some ideas and tips that can make these hairstyles less challenging. The first idea is to twist the curls and make a half up hairstyle of these twisted curls. You will need bobby pins to secure the hair after wrapping and coiling the hair into a low bun. Those who have curly hair can use a hairspray for final look. On the other hand, women who have straight hair need to use a curling iron to curl the back hair. Theperfect look is created by dividing the half hair and applying gel into it. Take the hair form sides and front and make a low bun on the top. The remaining should rest on the back and you mist twist the curls for an enhanced texture.



Women who have straight also want to wear formal half up long curly hairstyles 2013 because thesestyles look amazing and appealing. The first that they need to get is the curly hair. There different methods of getting curly hair. Some of the methodsgivepermanent curls while others give semi-permanent curls. Perming is the most common technique for getting curls. There are different types of perms that suit different hair lengths. The alkalineperm gives strong curls for long hair. The spiral perms require using rods and give bouncy curly hair. It is also suitable for long hair lengths. The pin curl perms give soft wavy hair. it requires sectioning of hair and curling the hair around the finger and pinned using bobby pins. The volumising perms are also ideal for long hair and last for about 6 months. Once you get your hair curled you can easily create one of the formal half up long curly hairstyles 2013.

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