Hairstyles for round faces 2013

Every girl has a distinct facial shape and she needs different hairstyles to compliment her facial features. There are so many women who have round faces. These women need proper styling to balance the roundness of face. Many celebrities also have round faces and they choose such hairstyles that reduce the roundness of their faces.


Girls with round face must grow out their hair so that hairstyle can complement their facial shape. Hairstyles for round faces 2013 can only be styled after having a haircut that is higher than the chin. Layers must be added to the long haircut. Long layers are easy to cut and style. The layered haircuts offer more versatile styles. Long layered haircuts can be styled into waves or curls depending on the type of hair. Women who have thick hair must get layers to shed extra weight of hair.


Hairstyles for round faces 2013 also include fringe cut. Fringes must be cut for long hair. The fringes should be long enough to cover the eyes. The remaining hair must reach below the ears and chin. The front can be short as compared to the back hair. You must talk to your hair stylist to know if the desired hairstyle suits round face.


There are many hairstyles for round faces 2013 for men. Every man has different width and length of face and they need to choose the hairstyle carefully. Let’s have a look at some of the popular hairstyles for round faces 2013. The first hairstyle is the spikes. Spikes are created for long hair. Hair at the crown is cut slightly longer so that spikes are created easily. The spikes must be straight so that they don’t increase the width of face. Side swept bangs are also useful in adding a new effect to the round faces. These bangs draw the attention away from the round face and face looks longer.


It is very easy to find out the shape of your face. Men can observe the shape of their face. They must stand in front of a mirror and start measuring the length and width of the face with a measuring tape. There are a few basic steps that must be followed to find out if you have a round face. First of all, measure the face from one cheek bone to the other. Measure the jaws by keeping the tape below the right eye. The width of the face is measured for the forehead. The tape is kept in centre of the eye brows and move above the eyebrow. The length of the face is measured by keeping the tape in the centre of hairline and measure to the chin. A round face has more width than the length.

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