Coolest Mens Hairstyles 2013

Men have many options of hairstyles. Although there are many popular hairstyles for men but some of the coolest mens hairstyles 2013 that must be taken into account are mentioned here.


The buzz cut is a simple and elegant haircut that enhances masculine features. This is one of the coolest mens hairstyles 2013 that can help in hiding receding hairline and some bald portions. Men who have round and long face can boost up their confidence with buzz cut. Layered haircut with long lengths is considered as coolest mens hairstyles 2013. The haircut is cut in such a way that the top hair is heavily layered and looks structured. The beauty of layered haircut is that it is hassle free style and one need not to put extra efforts to carte new looks with it. Men who have square, rectangular and oblong faces can carry long layered hairstyle in a better way. You must have seen Johnny Deep wearing this amazing hairstyle. Since Johnny has sported this hairstyle men have been in love with this style.


Coolest mens hairstyles 2013 have many textured as well as bed head looks. In fact, David Beckham has made this hairstyle popular with his tousled hair. He had a clean haircut with short hair on back and sides and the top hair was long. Apparently, this hairstyle seems to be simple and neat. You can apply pomade to damp hair to make sure you get required volume at the top. Men who have square face are blessed with this trendy and refined hairstyle.


Curly hair has always been popular and this year men are also insured from the curly looks. There was a time when men with curly hair could not find appropriate hairstyle but now coolest mens hairstyles 2013 offer great curly styles. Moreover, there are many products for curly hair that made it easy to create various styles. Any facial shape can pull the curly hairstyles. The size of curls matter for the hairstyle because some hairstyles can work for loose curls while others work for tight curls. A mousse or a textured cream can be used to define the curls.


Coolest mens hairstyles 2013 can be styled after getting one of a stylish haircut. These stylish haircuts include spike cut, crew cut and high tight. The crew cur is simple and requires short length. It is the best haircut for oval faces a sit can give proportionate look to jaw line. This is a striking haircut that is tapered on the sides and back. The high and tight haircut is modern and fun looking. It is also as military cut that cropped close to the scalp at the back and sides. It is also referred as a traditional hairstyle for busy men.

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