Brown Hairstyles 2013

Hair is said to express and enhance beauty of a woman. Many women wear natural hair color while others get it replaced with different color. Women who have brown hair color get the opportunity to wear many stylish hairstyles. Brown hairstyles 2013 are versatile because they are naturally highlighted and offer choices to get the highlighted with contrast colors.


Brown is a versatile color that looks shiny and compliments almost all skin tones. Many celebrities having naturally brown hair color used to wear contrast highlights such as coffee and dark chestnut. Brown hairstyles 2013 are styled for straight, wavy and curly hair.


Brown hairstyles 2013 for wavy hair get new dimension. Loose wavy or curly hair is styled by applying small amount of styling gel and rubbing it evenly with hands. Top half hair is pulled up and secured with a hair clip. This is done by using your index finger and placing hair above the ears. This hair section is pulled and clipped. Hair is divided into sections of two inches to get the curled. A curling iron is used to get desired waves. The direction curls must be alternating. Curls are misted with hairspray and made glossy with shine serum.


A sleek ponytail is one of the brown hairstyles 2013 that looks smooth with shine serum. Shine serum is rubbed all over the head and straightened with a flat iron. The hair is pulled up and tied into a ponytail. A small hair strand is pulled out and wrapped around the elastic band. This strand is secured with bobby pins of brown color. Ponytail brown hairstyles 2013 are made playful with headbands and side swept bangs.


Brown hairstyles 2013 are also styled by pulling top hair and pinning them. The hair is curled using hot rollers or curling iron. When hair is curled, sprits them with hairspray. Hair is curled to get volume for brown hairstyles 2013. A section from crown is lifted up and teased. This teased section is locked with hairspray. This step is repeated until a dome shape is created at the crown. This section is pulled and pinned at the back using brown bobby pins. Hair is misted with hairspray.


A braided ponytail gives a modem look for brown tresses. Moreover, it draws attention to facial features and gives youthful looks. A ponytail is made at back that is braided and secured with an elastic band. This braided ponytail is wrapped round the base of ponytail to get a braided updo. This ponytail hairstyle is modified to get a variety of looks. For example, a ponytail is tied on the side that is braided and wrapped to wear braided side ponytail and updo. Brown hairstyles 2013 are also styled for short and medium hair lengths.

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