Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2013

The hairstyles of bridesmaids are of great importance for the bride as well as the wedding. This is why the hairstyle of bridesmaids done by salon or at home. In most cases a salon is preferred. There are some techniques for creating bridesmaid hairstyles 2013.

The first choice of bridesmaid is the updo. An updo can be created for short as well as long hair. Short updos can also be created with comfort. Short bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 can be created by getting a right haircut. The length of hair must be sufficient for curls twists. You can follow the instructions to get a romantic updo. You must start with washing and drying the hair. A hair dryer can be used for drying the hair. A brush can be used while drying the hair. This step will help you in getting curly hair. Once hair is dried, run the fingers to hair to add volume. Take a curling iron and start curling the hair sections one by one. A large barrel is preferred for getting soft curls. Decorate this hairstyle with flowers.


Bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 can also be created for long hair lengths. It is very easy to create hairstyles for long hair but bridesmaids must choose the style carefully. Long hair looks gorgeous with curls because curls are always in. a bouncing hairstyle with curls can be created using a curling iron. You can start applying heat protecting cream and make sections. Now take a section and wrap it around the curling iron. The curls are created after 10 seconds. Don’t forget to apply hairspray for holding the hairstyle. Curly bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 for longhair can also be created by using hot rollers. You need to start with making sections of hair and wrapping the hot rollers from top to the ends. Remove the hot rollers when they are cooled down.


There are many things to remember when working with bridesmaid hairstyles 2013. The theme of the wedding plays an important role in selection of the hairstyle. For instance, wedding with beach theme can be made more beautiful with short hairstyles. Night weddings can be enhanced with updos and curly hairstyles. Different themes require use of different hair accessories. For example, some themes require wearing of veils and hats while others require use of flowers.


The second most important thing for making bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 is the dress of the bridesmaids. The hairstyle must look nice with the length of the dress. For example, a fancy hairstyle is needed for a gown. Similarly, straight hairstyles look good with simple dresses. The dress with off shoulder style can be focused with updos. On the other hand, a dress with full sleeves and straps can be made beautiful with down hairstyles.

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