Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2013

The hairstyle of bridesmaid is almost as important as that of bride. Many bridesmaids get their hairstyle done by hair stylist and some of them used to create their own looks at home. In many cases a salon is preferred for hairdos for brides and bridesmaids. There are many bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 that can be done at home with great comfort and ease. There are a few tips and techniques that can help in accretion of a good hairstyle for bridesmaids.


Updos are always supposed to be traditional and sophisticated for weddings. Brides and bridesmaids love wearing this formal hairstyle for the wedding. Not all the bridesmaids have long hair to make updos. Therefore they are looking for some updos that can be created for short hair. Bridesmaids must have hair of at least 3 inches length. They can create soft curls and twists. The perfect updo bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 for short hair can be created by washing and drying the hair. A bristled brush must be used along with hair dryer. The brush must be used in such a direction that the hair gets curled. The best idea is to run your hands through the hair. Now take a flat iron or curling iron and curl sections of hair. A curling iron with large barrel will give natural and soft looks. Use hair accessories to make it more beautiful. This hairstyle must be tried weeks before the wedding.


Bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 for long hair are trendy and accentuate the features. Curly hairstyles are always liked by bridesmaids. In order to create the curly bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 you need to start by applying heat protestant spray to washed and dried hair. Take sections of hair and start wrapping them around the curling iron. Keep the section in the iron for 15 seconds. Once you have created curls for all sections of hair you must apply hair spray or holding spray. This hairstyle for bridesmaid can also be created with large rollers. You can start with making sections of three inches. Wrap the rollers from top to downward. Cover all the sections with hot rollers. When the rollers have cooled down, take them out and separate the curls with fingers. Don’t forget to apply hairspray on all the bridesmaid hairstyles 2013.


There are many bridesmaid hairstyles 2013 that can be combine with down and up hair. Half up and half down hair is ideal for medium length hair. The top hair are tied high and decorated with flowers and other hair accessories. Many modern bridesmaids like wearing ponytail for the wedding due to the ease of styling. A ponytail gives them younger looks but this hairstyle must be matched with the theme of the wedding. Therefore, it is necessary to talk to the bride before choosing the hairstyle.

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